How To Give The Perfect Baby Bath: Including Water Temperature

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How To Bathe Your BabyBath time is an important part of a growing baby’s life, having a good association with baths will help their attitudes towards bathing in years to come.

It can not only help to just relax them, but can be fun, good for their skin and most importantly keep them clean.

Baths can be a good way to get your baby into a routine and also help them be ready for bed. Making sure that bath time is healthy and safe for your baby is very important.

Here are a few tips to help you and your baby when it comes to bath time.

Using Just Water

Using only water in the bath for your baby isn’t the best option, there are bubble baths and lotions that aren’t great for your baby’s skin, but using just water isn’t the answer.

Water alone can’t get rid of the impurities that are left by nappies and clothes, the dirt your baby picks up through the day can visibly be gotten rid of by water, but bacteria can remain.

Warm water isn’t enough to kill bad bacteria or clean your babies skin.

Repeated use of water alone can actually cause your babies skin to dry out due to the chlorine or hard water in your area.

Using a baby bath that effectively removes and impurities, is gentle on the skin and made to avoid irritating your babies skin is the best thing for it.

There are a number of baby baths and lotions available so do some research and pick one that suits your baby.


How To Bathe Your Baby

It is recommended to bathe your baby two to three times a week fully, with a sponge bath on days in between if needed, having too many baths can have its toll on your baby’s delicate skin.

Putting your baby directly into a full-size bath is not a good idea, as it is harder to keep hold of them and easier for them to come to harm, bathing you baby in the kitchen sink with a soft insert or towel on the base of the sink or getting a plastic baby bath is the best solution.

Testing Water Temperatures

  • Start with just a few inches of warm water for your baby’s bath, the water should be at around 37 centigrade, you can test this (with one the best thermometer for toddlers as seen in our comprehensive reviews ). You you can also buy alternate accessories that also do this, or feel the temperature again your wrist, if it is too hot, take some time to let it cool or add some cold water and try again.
  • Make sure to swirl the water in the bath, pockets of hot and cold water can build up, you don’t want to accidentally put your baby in really hot water, swirl it around and test it before putting your baby in.
  • When placing your baby in the bath make sure to support their back, head and neck with one arm and continue to do so whilst you bathe them with the other.
  • Use a soft wash cloth and don’t forget all the little creases and behind the ears.
  • Use baby gentle shampoo if your baby has more hair, do not use any normal shampoos as these could have chemicals and ingredients that are irritating to a baby.
  • When drying your baby, use a soft towel and dab areas dry, don’t rub vigorously and make sure that you don’t leave any damp or wet areas as these can irritate you babies skin.


Safe Bathing Tips

use a bathwater thermometer for infants

Clean only the areas you can see, don’t try to use ear bud to clear your baby’s ears or nose, you could cause unseen damage or harm.

Never ever leave your baby alone in the bath, no matter how safe you think it is or how shallow the water, it is very easy for the worst to happen.

Don’t run the water while your baby is in the bath, the temperature can change very quickly, and the baby will be able to feel the difference in small temperature change, you can easily scold your babies skin if it gets too warm or accidentally make it uncomfortable if it is too cold.

Keep your baby warm, pour the water over them while they are in the bath, keep the room warm, the baby should be at the same temperature as the bath about 37 degrees to be comfortable and warm.

Never fill the bath more than waist high on your baby, it is easy for them to slip or dip even if they are supported and inhale some water.

Make sure that you don’t fill the water too high and that they are well supported and supervised the whole time.

Never take a bath with your baby, the water will be far too deep for your baby, too hot and if you are using anything but baby bath, potentially harmful to their skin. You may think you have a good hold of your baby, but if you slip or nod off it is easy for them to come to potential harm.

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Keeping Them Warm

Encourage your baby to avoid using the taps, this a healthy habit to teach them before they reach toddler-hood where they will be big and strong enough to reach the taps and potentially cause themselves harm with hot water or over filling the bath.

keep infant body temperature up after bathWhen taking your baby out of the bath they can rapidly lose their heat, dry them and wrap them in a soft dry towel or blanket, cuddle them for around ten minutes to keep their body temperature up before dressing them or putting them to bed, just ensure they stay warm.


It is hard to know what to do with all the advice and tips out there for raising your baby, but hopefully I have helped shed some light on the best way to bathe your baby and how to make it a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for you and your baby.



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