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Last Update: 1st January 2021

Have you heard about these latest, greatest trend in baby dolls?

Baby dolls that look Real are growing ever popular as children and parents around the world fall in love with their lifelike qualities

If you don’t look closely enough, you may be fooled into believing one of these silicone baby dolls is a real, live baby!  Like these ones

The detail is unreal…  but more on that later.   We’re about to review some of the best models you will find online.   So you’ll want to read to the end.

It’s easy to see why these have made such a splash in the world of toys.

They’re everything a child could want in a doll.

However, as with any trend, when a product hits the market big, there’s lots of competition.

Searching for one of these realistic babies and deciding which one is best is a task that could take you all day.

Don’t worry, we’ve simplified the search for you.

Take a look through our ultimate guide that covers the 5 best realistic reborn baby dolls and explains

everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind toy.

Including where to find them cheap online.

Who sells reborn baby dolls

Amazon is the place to find toys of all kinds, so we’ve narrowed down the search for you.

Our RankModel
Quality Rating
No 1
Berenguer Boutique La Newborn
[star rating="5"]
No 2

[star rating="4.5"]
No 3
[star rating="5"]
No 4Boy Doll Crafted in Silicone Like Vinyl[star rating="4"]
No 5
little peanut realistic boy doll

[star rating="5"]

Here’s a convenient list that will give you a basic idea on the overall value of each of these real look baby dolls that are available online.

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1. JC Toys Berenguer Boutique La Newborn |Real Life Baby Dolls

Quality Rating: A

Our Review: 4.5 Stars

Good value for moneySmaller than most realistic dolls
Washable (for play-time too!)The absence of a cloth portion means the doll is stiffer than others
Comes with an assortment of clothes
Light -weight enough for children to handle easily

The Verdict:

We loved this doll because it offers a reasonably realistic doll with clothes and accessories for a reasonable price.  As a bonus, it can be washed, giving the option of bath time fun whilst also teaching kids how to bathe babies safely!

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2. Baby Dolls That Look Real |Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams

Quality Rating: B+

Our Review: 4 Stars

Ideal and recommended for childrenPricier than the JC Toys doll
Comes with accessories for changing and playing with the dollHair can become matted or detach
Realistic size and weight
Has realistic hair and there’s enough to play with

The Verdict:

This realistic doll is a great choice because it’s made for children, includes clothing and accessories and has a head full of hair. However, it is much pricier than our top choice and has a record of complaints about the hair, putting it in second place.

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3. Paradise Galleries Over the Moon | Real baby Dolls

Quality Rating: A

Our Review: 3.5 Stars

Realistic baby size and weightRecommended for age 14+
Lifelike featuresDoll is sleeping, which could be a problem for some tastes
Comes with hat, outfit and cow toy

The Verdict:

While this doll is truly gorgeous and quite realistic, it can’t be our favourite for a few reasons. The price, and the fact that it’s not recommended for kids means we’re not as excited about it as we are about some of the other real baby dolls.

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4. Real look and feel baby dolls |Royal Baby Prince

Quality Rating: A

Our Review: 3.5 Stars

Realistic size and weightRecommended for age 14+
Comes with outfit, hat and toy

The Verdict:

This realistic model is handsome, but the price and age recommendation mean he wouldn’t be our first pick.

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5. Rtitle=”real feel baby dolls”>eal feel baby dolls |Ashton Drake Reborns

Quality Rating: A

Our Review: 3 Stars

Very lifelike featuresNot recommended for children. It’s advertised as a collector’s item
Realistic size and weightComes only with onesie and hat
Realistic hairMany customer reviews express dissatisfaction with the hair.

The Verdict:

We love the adorable “Peanut”. She’s cute and realistic. However, for the price, it would be nice to see a few additional clothes and accessories included.

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What’s So Different About These Realistic Babies?

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realistic lifelike baby doll

Real life babies are easy to describe because they are exactly what they sound like they are. But, aren’t all baby dolls realistic?

There are distinct differences between realistic babies and traditional baby dolls.

Regular toy babies  are clearly plastic, have fake-looking hair, and unrealistic features. Lifelike baby models, on the other hand, mimic real life babies as much as possible.

Baby doll that acts real and looks real

Some of the many features these dolls possess include:

  • They are often weighted and sized to feel just like a real baby.
  • These real look baby dolls that can be so realistic that police have tried to “rescue” them from being left inside parked cars.
  • Vinyl is the most commonly used material for the visible portion, although silicone babies can also be found.
  • Some bodies are partially made of cotton stuffed with weighted pellets. Typically, cloth portions include the stomach area and the upper portions of the limbs.
  • The face and body are carefully painted, sometimes by hand, to reflect the features of newborn skin such as wrinkles, dimples and folds.
  • Many collectors and doll enthusiasts purchase this type of doll.
  • Speciality online stores for these realistic toys called are nurseries.
  • Special editions may appear to breathe, cry or have a heartbeat.

These models have a lot of character and can be quite enchanting. However, because they’re so lifelike, most department stores don’t carry these them as some people find them disturbing and creepy.

Yet, others are delighted by these charming life-like appearance.

It all depends on your taste.

What’s the History Behind These Reborn Dolls?

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These lifelike babies have been everything from a hobby to a collector’s item to a toy over the years.

Back when the first reborn babies were created in the 1990s, they were mostly a hobby item, and weren’t available for sale.

The first reborn dolls that look lifelike were created by a doll enthusiasts who wanted to make more realistic versions.

By painting and modifying already existing models or creating new entirely new versions that had more lifelike features, the collectors reached this goal.

The idea of reborn or lifelike babies took off quickly, and by the early 2000s, sales on eBay and Amazon became commonplace. Online sales boomed, and soon there were entire online stores dedicated to marketing and selling these.

In the news ‘The Dolls Which Look Almost Real”- BBC.co.uk

Now, you can easily purchase completed models, kits to make your own and all the accessories you could imagine in online stores.

The movement surrounding reborns is so large that there are now conventions, magazines and books devoted to what many consider an art form.

The majority of the market for realistic baby toys is adult women.

These women are typically collectors and enthusiasts. But, understandably, many people also purchase these types of toys for children.

The realistic aspect also makes them ideal for children who are expecting a younger sibling, enjoy caring for their reborn or want to care for a “real” baby.

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Real-Life Reborn Dolls Documentary

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FAQs: What You Need to Know Before Purchasing A Real Baby Doll

Still have questions? There’s a lot to know about these peculiar dolls that have become so popular. Check through our FAQs to learn more.

How much are these real looking baby dolls?
There is a wide range of realistic baby dolls that are all different prices. The most economic choices will cost you about $30, while pricier options cost hundreds of dollars and even more. Just remember, quality is usually linked to the price tag. More expensive dolls are often hand-made and involve a lot of artistry. Investigate the seller and read reviews so that you know what to expect when you purchase your doll.
Where can i find a realistic doll for sale?
The web is the place to purchase realistic baby dolls. You can find online shops called “nurseries” where reborn (dolls are sold, or you find them on other popular platforms such as Amazon.com
Are there real life baby dolls available at Target?
Department stores including Target shy away from displaying realistic baby dolls because some customers find them creepy. However, you can find the JC Toys brand dolls at Target online, and this brand’s dolls may also be displayed in stores.
What are real life looking baby dolls actually called?
Enthusiasts call these “reborns.” There is a whole art devoted to creating, selling and buying these reborn dolls as collector’s items. The artists who make these dolls are called “reborners” and the process to make the dolls is called “reborning.”
How can I get more clothes for my silicone realistic doll?
Most doll companies and reborn doll online websites also offer clothes specially made to fit the dolls they sell. Accessories like bottles and pacifiers are also sold on the same platforms. Some dolls may also be just the right size for newborn or preemie outfits intended for real babies.
Do these realistic life like dolls move?
Some reborn dolls are modified or created specially to breath, stay warm and have an artificial heartbeat. Others have voice box technologies installed so that they can talk or coo.
Can you get models that cry like real babies?
There are reborn dolls that make crying sounds and might even shed a tear. You’ll have to look carefully and read the fine print to make sure you find the right one. Other versions of reborn dolls have a crying expressions, including tears, but the expression is permanent.
Are there African American realistic baby dolls available?
Yes, there are baby dolls that look real made in all skin tones and all backgrounds. You just have to search for the right one.
Are there real looking preemie versions on the market?
Yes, some reborn dolls have been sized and weighted to reflect the body of a preemie.
What are the best options on Amazon?
There are many dolls available on Amazon. Take a look at our list at the top of the post for the run-down on the realistic dolls with the best reviews available on Amazon.
Can children play with realistic dolls?
Some realistic dolls are made specially for children, and these are the most ideal for little ones. Children can certainly play with the collector’s reborn dolls as well, however, they are delicate and the doll may become damaged if the child isn’t careful while playing.

Silicone babies for sale : Beta Dad Blog’s Recommendation

Realistic Reborn Silicone dolls can make a great addition to your child’s collection of toys. Why?

Playing with real dolls can help your child on a number of levels.

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Lifelike Baby Dolls Silicone For Children

Through role play, your child will develop their role as care-taker and nurturer.

When changing and grooming the doll, young children improve their fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills also get practiced as your child carries the doll around, rocks it or lays it down.

Your child can even widen their vocabulary as they learn related words.

When purchasing a reborn for your child, we recommend that you consider your budget, your child’s tastes and age, and the overall value of the doll.

To maximize the use your child will get out of the doll, choose a doll that comes with clothing and accessories, or consider purchasing them as an extra.

where can i buy a silicone baby dollAlso, determine how important it is to you whether or not the doll is washable.

Your child might really enjoy being able to give the doll a bath if possible.

However, if you’d rather have a soft, snuggly body, opt for a doll that has a cotton portion, meaning that it most likely won’t be washable.

If you’d like a toy that will stimulate your child’s imagination, help them develop a range of skills and provide hours of fun, a realistic doll fits the bill.

Many reviewers of these real models dolls mentioned marvel at how quickly their little ones fall in love with them

That’s because their realistic nature has that extra something special that enchants and delights children and adults alike.

The twinkle in their eye and lifelike expression just begs you to scoop them up and carry them around.

Feature Image Attribution: Lily Rose @ Flickr

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