Digest It – Best Colon Cleanse Pills For Weight Loss 2020

Last Update: 1st April 2020

Before deciding on using any digestive supplement i suggest you take 5, settle in and have a proper read through this article.

You’ll be much better informed on the impacts of poor nutritional choices and why we recommend only the best colon cleanser.

So lets get started.

With all the junk we eat, it comes as no surprise that most of us feel that we have lost some of our vitality.

super colon cleansingWe work hard and play hard, and usually this means that our nutrition suffers.

We need more energy, so we grab the nearest sugary snack or energy bar.

All that does is to lead to a crash in energy, later on, leaving us feeling even worse.

But poor nutrition does more than just cause spikes in insulin levels; it can starve the beneficial bacteria in the gut of the nutrition they need.

Lots of sugar is excellent for some microbes.

Unfortunately, the ones that thrive on this kind of diet are not ones that help us stay healthy.

As time goes by, these harmful bacteria start to gain a foothold and cause disease.

At the same time, the beneficial bacteria responsible for helping us absorb the optimal nutrients from our food are fighting something of a losing battle.

They are quickly overwhelmed, and so we get even fewer nutrients because they are not able to do their job correctly.

That leaves us feeling bloated, having a sluggish digestive system, and more prone to weight gain.

beneficial bacteriaThose symptoms are bad enough but, even worse, your immune function is diminished as well.

Think of it this way – when you eat or drink something that is contaminated with bacteria, what is your first line of defense? It’s your digestive tract and the beneficial bacteria in it.

These bacteria start off by helping to shore up the physical defenses that the gut wall has.

feeling bloatedThe bacteria create an environment that is reasonably acidic.

This makes it harder for newly introduced bacteria to get a foothold.

Also, the epithelial cells in your gut try to defend themselves against all bacteria, including the beneficial kind.

So beneficial bacteria help you to build up a resistance overall. It’s like a football coach making their team practice plays.

The more the team practices the plays, the better they get at defense, and the more effective they become as a team.

Also, the beneficial bacteria compete with harmful bacteria for resources within the gut itself.

If they get the upper hand, the bad guys don’t get enough food to prosper.

But it goes further than that.

They can also help to regulate inflammation within the body by better controlling the inflammation response. They prevent your body from going into overdrive when an allergic reaction occurs.

There have also been interesting studies that link good gut bacteria to the regulation of anxiety and depression.

The results indicate that there might be more to maintaining good mental health than just trying to have a sunny disposition.

Why You Need To Fix Your Gut Health


So clearly balancing out the flora in your gut has significant health benefits, but can it also help with weight loss?

Apparently so. It is estimated that the average person carries around an extra two or three pounds of undigested food in their colons.

An imbalance in the gut flora and a lack of enough fiber in the diet can make it harder for food to move through your digestive tract.

This can lead to food fermenting in the colon, making you feel bloated. It is not a pretty picture.

It is this buildup of waste in the colon that has led to the popularity of colon hydrotherapy and digestive cleanses in recent years.

It also explains why more people are turning to extraordinary measures like having enemas to feel healthier.

It is one way to detoxify the colon, but is an enema really healthy?

detoxify your colonIf we look at the research on the flora in the digestive tract, it doesn’t seem that way. After all, you are cleaning out any gunk in the system, but you are also washing away the good stuff too.

And, who wants to go that route anyway?

It all seems very undignified to me.

An alternative option is to change your diet and consider taking a supplement product that will help to re-balance the flora.

If you can get that right, your colon will cleanse itself naturally.

It is a super colon cleanse that is gentler, and one that you can do yourself at home with products that you can get online. But how effective are products like these really?

In this post, we look at Digest It Colon Cleanse, one of the best-selling herbal options, and see if it really does help you keep your colon clean and healthy.

Is it really the best colon cleanse weight loss option? Let’s find out.


What Does Digest It Promise?


This product works in two ways – your first few doses will help to get things moving correctly and have a slight laxative effect.

before and after weight loss
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The idea is that you get rid of the excess waste quickly and efficiently.

In combination with the herbs, the probiotics in this product help to remove toxins and reduce water retention. They say you could lose as much as ten pounds in the first week or so.

Of course, that is not going to be fat loss, and how much you can lose will depend on how effectively your digestive tract functions at the moment.

If you carry on eating as you usually do, the weight loss will be temporary.

Which is why the product comes with a diet plan and exercise ideas.

Let us be honest here – you do have to put in some effort to lose weight permanently.

But that first clean out should give you an important psychological boost and flush out a bunch of toxins at the same time.


How Do These Colonic Cleansing Pills Work?


The proprietary formula is a blend of herbs and a large dose of probiotics. “Probiotics” is just a fancy term for helpful bacteria.

The blend contains around 9.5 million live probiotic cells.

This is around five times what you would get from yogurt without any sugar or fat.

To reinforce the cleansing benefits of this product, it is recommended that you also increase your water intake.

Each dose should be taken with a full glass of water to get the maximum benefits.


Are these Supplements Natural & Is It Safe?


clinically tested results

Because it contains all-natural ingredients, there are no harmful side effects to taking this product which is why its one of the best colon cleanse pills available.

That said, you might feel some initial discomfort and may feel a little fluey during the first few days.

This is normal and just proof that your system is detoxifying itself.

You will need to use the toilet more initially and might feel a little more bloated initially.

This will pass quickly, though.

However, if you are taking some sort of regular medication, or have a condition like IBS, it is advisable for you to speak to your healthcare provider before you start the treatment.



Where Can You Get it From?

That’s a big pro with this particular product. You can order it online.

So, there is no need for an embarrassed silence while someone rings it up at the drug store.


What Do You Get When You Purchase?


buy 2 bottles get 1 free

That depends on the package that you order, many packages offer additional bottles free which brings down the overall costs.


All packages allow you free access to the company’s weight management program.

With some packages, you also receive a free branded water bottle.



Is There a Product Guarantee?

Digest It - Best Colon Cleanse Pills For Weight Loss 2020 1


The company does offer a full money-back guarantee if the product does not deliver on its promises.



What Are Other Users Saying?

The reviews are generally positive. Users report that this product helped them regulate their digestive systems and helped with immediate weight loss.

Many users commented that they felt a lot more energetic after being on the product for a few days.

Here is an extract of some recent customer feedback and testimonials..

digest it pills customer reviews


What are the Top Digest It Pros and Cons?



  • It is easy to use – you just take the Digest It cleanser tablets daily and ensure that you drink a good deal of water.
  • You can do it yourself at home, and you don’t have to suffer the indignity of having an enema.
  • In addition to the herbs to help flush the system, you also get the probiotics you need to bring your system back into balance again.
  • What’s Best is you get access to a weight management program for free.
  • Users report higher energy levels, weight loss, less bloating and regular bowel movements.


  • You do have to pay attention to changing your diet for the effects to be permanent.
  • You may experience flu-like symptoms to start off with. These are transitory though.
  • You may initially feel tired, and you will need to use the bathroom more. It may be better to start this over a weekend or during a time when you are not so busy at work.


My Final Verdict

recommended product

Overall, this product is a good one. It is an all-natural product that addresses both the symptoms of a sluggish digestive system and the causes as well.

What makes this product different from many others like it on the market is that it does not claim to be a “magic” weight loss formula.

The manufacturers are very clear that you will need to improve your eating habits to maintain the benefits.

They also provide you with an eating plan to help you do so.

Not all companies that market this kind of flush do so.

For me, at least, this aspect shows that the manufacturers have taken the time to create a product that has lasting benefits.

It is a convenient, safe alternative way to keep your digestive tract healthy and so gets my vote.


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