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Do you know what a parasite really is ?  Well it’s is a living organism living in or on another organism for metabolic dependence.

The main types of parasites are protozoa, flukes, roundworms and tapeworms, mostly found in the human intestines.

Parasite infestation occurs in almost every part of the body, causing many health disorders.

They take all the nutrients a person consumes, leaving behind toxic waste that can have serious negative effects on the body and thus your health.

Effects of Parasite Infestation in the Body

Some negative effects of parasite infestation include:

  • Destruction of cells faster than they can regenerate
  • Production of toxic substances, causing allergic reactions
  • Organ obstruction such as bile duct blockage in the liver
  • Reduction in body immunity
  • Nutrient mal-absorption

How Parasites Invade the Body System

parasite cleansesThey can get into the human body through many channels . Here are the most common entry points into the body / system:

  • Consumption of parasite in food and water or using hands contaminated with stool containing parts of a parasite
  • Ingesting the parasite in raw or under-cooked meat.
  • Parasite penetrating the skin when in contact with contaminated soil
  • Contact with contaminated water
  • Entering the body through an insect bite
  • Infected stool from an insect / being rubbed into the site of an insect bite or open would or nick


Parasite Cleanse & Diet

A parasite cleansing specific diet is one of the best things you can do to help you eliminate parasites from system.

A good parasite cleansing diet is usually made up of a blend of herbs that can consist of black Walnut hull, wormwood, agrimony, pau D’arco, ginger, garlic and prickly ash . It is used to kill off parasitic infestations.

There are many other types of body cleanses, including juice fasts, DigestIt detox and lemon cleanses.

There are certain foods  that are best includef in your diet when cleansing your system.

Add garlic, brown onions, organic vegetables, organic coconut oil, fermented foods, pumpkin seeds, organic apple cider vinegar and fennel seed tea to your diet to foster parasite cleansing.

However, avoiding refined carbohydrates, white bread, sugar, meat, dairy products and all fruits when eliminating parasites from your system is advised.

Here are some top additional health benefits you’ll get when doing such a body purge:

Top 9 Health Benefits of Doing A Parasite Cleanse


Helps Improve the Digestion Process

Parasites are known to cause many abdominal pains that cleanses can reduce or eliminate.

It also helps regulate normal bowel function and reduces bloating.

Reduces Stress

Dealing with parasite infestation in your body can be stressful and may be a trigger that you’re unaware of.

Parasitic cleanses can give you peace of mind , its more more thing rules out.

Loss of Weight

Body cleanses eliminate many parasites, including their toxins responsible for adding you body weight and contributing to water retention.

After a detox cleanse you’ll definitely start feeling lighter.


Helps Improve Your Mood

Anecdotally people with parasites have known to exhibit signs if depression.

Eliminating stubborn parasites will improve your well-being, you’ll start feeling happier as your body and state mind improves.

Minimizes Cravings for Unhealthy Foods

Parasites are known to cause malnourishment in the host’s body. They eat everything the host eats.

But, once they are all eliminated, the body no longer has to compete for food. Therefore, it absorbs all nutrients needed from digested food.

 improve well-being detox

Reduces Pain throughout the Body

Parasites can cause discomfort and pain from a particular part of the body where they’ve infested.

For example, if they were present are in the jaw, you won’t be able to chew food properly and may notice peculiar discomfort .

Increases Your Brain’s Performance

Infestations that settle near the brain area can have real debilitation effects due to harmful toxins they can produce.

Elimination from your system allows your brain to function normally giving cognitive boosts.

Improved Energy

increased energySince parasites get their nutrients from what you eat, you can start to shown symptoms of fatigue.

Getting rid of these parasites can enable your body to restore its energy levels to more natural state

This is attributed to the fact that you don’t have any parasites competing for the nutrients required by your body.



digesit parasite cleanseIt is important to restore your body to optimal health once parasite infestation has been identified or suspected.

Consume foods rich in probiotics such as coconut and yogurt to replenish the good bacteria you might have lost during parasite cleanse.

Maintain a good diet and avoid refined sugar and moderate carbohydrates.

Since parasite cleanses act on the liver and kidney, people with related conditions should be careful while using body cleanses such as DigestIt detox as they may irritate such organs.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women, including people diagnosed with candida or a gastrointestinal condition should avoid parasite cleanses.

we recommend DigestIt detox as the number 1 way help eliminate all toxins in your body system, including parasites.


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