ACCURATE & Best Thermometers for Toddlers, Kids, Infants – Review 2020

Best Thermometer For Toddlers 2018

Last Update: 1st December 2020

It’s 6:30 on a Monday morning, and you get the sneaking suspicion that your baby might be sick.

But there’s no way to know for certain (or even measure just how sick they may be), but not to worry as I have compiled a list of the Best Thermometers For Toddlers and babies for 2018.

Full review details are in the post below.

Finding a durable, and easy to use product isn’t an easy task, but that’s where we come in.

Whether you need a traditional, digital or a downright less invasive option, we’ have all of those covered in our review.

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Products were carefully researched before narrowing down the selection to the top 6 child friendly versions available on the market today.

Lets continue..

Top Baby Thermometers: Best of 2020

RankProductLinkDimensions (inches)
Weight (ounces)Non-Contact
No 1oral thermometer for kidsOral thermometer for Kids & Adults
4.7 x 2.8
No 2termometro digital baby iProven DMT-489 Ear & Forehead Thermometer
1.8 x 1.8 x 6.1
No 3clinical digital fast readingsClinical Digital Thermometers – Fast Reading
7.2 x 4.3 x 2.6
No 4infrared no touch thermometerInfrared No Touch Fever Thermometer in Celsius & Fahrenheit.
8.2 x 4.8 x 2.2
No 5pacifier dummy thermo readingsPacifier Thermometer for Baby temperatures
4.7 x 2.8
No 6accurate fast reading modelInfrared Thermometer for Baby & adults with Accurate Instant reading
5.9 x 4.6 x 2
Little Martin's
  • Another Top Pick - Accurate Thermometer Set

Voted No 1

Also makes our list with a 91% 5 star rating. Simply put a perfect choice.

What are families saying about this product ?
“Great for the whole family”
“Accurate and quick results”
“Gets the job done”

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When it comes to purchasing, there are a few considerations you want to keep in mind.

Firstly, the type of tool that’s ideal for you and your family will depend heavily on the age of your youngest child.

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Why’s that?

best thermometer for toddlers

Well, two reasons:

Firstly, if your youngest happens to be under one year, a digital thermometer designed for oral application isnt going to be very useful in most cases (and can even prove dangerous in some!).

Additionally, if the youngest child in your family is especially finicky or squirmy, then certain applications, such as oral, can prove ineffective.

Since accuracy is an especially important part of diagnosing and treating an illness, you want to find an implement that will give you the most accuracy with the least amount of hassle.

Next, you also want to consider the comfort level of using the device. While an oral or butt thermometer might be convenient for you, it can be very uncomfortable for children.

You might find that a middle of the road option is to purchase a non-touch thermometer or infrared product.

These utensils are specifically designed to be non-invasive, fast, and stress-free.

No matter your needs, you’ll find something to stick on that baby checklist.

Infrared No Touch Fever Thermometer in Celsius & Fahrenheit

Toddler Infrared No Touch Fever model in Celsius & Fahrenheit
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When it comes to any product, you use on your body—especially devices used for monitoring health and wellbeing—one of the most important factors is safety.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a product that potentially puts you—or your family—at a greater risk of health problems.

Also, you want an appliance that you know you can trust.

That’s why a non-contact infrared body temperature measure is a great product for parents everywhere.

This thermometer comes with seven certifications from the FDA and CE combined. That means you can rest assured that it’s a safe bet that’s one of the most accurate body thermometers for kids.

But that’s just the beginning.

Performance and Durability

The product is also uniquely designed in the shape of a handgun (like the ones you’d find in a grocery store). This structure makes it easy to use, hold, and swipe across the baby’s forehead.

Designed for use on the forehead, this thermometer is ultra fast with the capacity to give a reading in as little as 0.5 seconds.

Additionally, since it requires no contact, it’s perfect for babies or even children who are especially squirmy when it comes taking their temperature.

Although this is on the pricier end of the spectrum regarding thermometers, costing over $10, it’s also one of the more convenient models.

The unit even features a color-coded LCD that can make diagnosing a fever even easier:

Green is used to signify a normal temperature range, while orange and red are used as fever alert warnings.

Even better, this is one of the most accurate thermometers on the market. You’ll only have to test it for consistent readings once in a while to make sure it’s still in working order.

And get this:

Despite its high-tech functions this product runs on AA batteries, so you never have to worry about tracking down special batteries or paying extra to run this tool.

But the best part about this thermometer? It’s incredibly versatile.

While it’s designed for babies and children, you can also use this instrument on adults as well.

But the icing on the cake is the fact that this thermometer doesn’t just work on humans. You can also use this product for all kinds of circumstances, including testing room temperature, the temperature of your food, and even taking accurate bathwater temperatures.

These features are especially useful for parents of young children, allowing them always to ensure that the temperature of anything, water to milk is just right for their baby.

Additionally, ths also has a memory recall system that records and remembers up 32 different temperatures readings.

Users can rely on this system to track the progression of a fever or even take the machine with them to report exact numbers to the family doctor.

Overall, the infrared no touch fever thermometer is perfect for families that need the peace of mind that comes with a non-invasive product and are willing to spend a little extra money on it.

It’s hygienic. You can use it on multiple people without having to worry about disinfecting. Although the manufacturer claims that this product can work at a distance of anywhere between 2 inches and 5.9 inches, the ideal distance tends to be around 2-3 inches.
Thanks to its unique design this thermometer is also very lightweight, so using it is simple and painless.
Modern with readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
LCD readings are very large, so there’s never a doubt about the reading.
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Termometro Digital Baby: LCD Non-contact Ear & Forehead Thermometer

Another non-touch model that’s a great option for households with children of any age is the Termometro digital baby unit.

best temporal artery forehead thermometer

This model is both sleek and efficient, with an easy-to-grip design and a large LCD screen that displays the temperature in clear, readable numbers, so you never have to struggle to decipher what’s on the screen.

Want to know the best part?

The thermometer also has a dual function design so that you can take the temperature via the forehead or the ear.

This particular feature makes this model especially suitable for households that have members of varying age.

Performance and Durability

You can use this unit to measure the temperature of your spouse, child, or even yourself using the forehead application. On children under the age of one year, you can also use the ear application for a more accurate reading.

In fact, it’s the best ear thermometer you can purchase for this age group.

What’s more, this is also a product that’s designed to give you results fast, with an average response time of about 1 second.

For families with finicky children, what this boils down to is less hassle and fewer complaints.

When you own a product that can give you reading that quickly, you spend less time trying to coax your child into holding still.

Even better, this unit provides you with peace of mind since you can be confident that you’re getting an accurate reading for children; it leaves no time for children to tamper with the device—something that can (and often does) lead to less than accurate results.

What’s great about this thermometer is that it’s very user-friendly.

It features a color-coded display that serves as a fever warning (so you no longer have to worry about remembering what temperature range indicates a fever) and runs on AA batteries.

Additionally, it also comes with a fever alarm that will ring if your child is approaching a fever.

But what sets this thermometer apart from others forehead thermometers on the market is the brand. Since this implement is made by ELERA.

You can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to reliability and accuracy.

ELERA is a company that’s globally recognised for it’s high-quality, sleekly designed home-use devices.

What that means is:

You’ll never have to worry about a failing product and will rarely have to double check for accuracy.

Among thermometers, this unit scores high on digital thermometer accuracy.

Additionally, this is a product that’s designed with your lifestyle as a parent in mind—even featuring a memory system with the capacity to recall up to 20 different readings.

However, be warned:

This thermometer is fairly expensive when compared to other types of digital models. In most cases, you’ll find that this unit sells for about $20-$30, which is far more expensive than your average household thermometer.

Considering it’s functionality and design, this is one of the greatest thermometers you can buy.

So if you’re willing to spend the money, it’s not a purchase you’ll regret.

The thermometer’s no touch design makes it hygienic and allows you to use it on multiple people without having to worry about disinfecting or wiping it down.The biggest drawback to this unit is that its forehead readings tend to be less accurate when compared to the ear readings it gives.
Operating this unit is very simple, and it features buttons that are clearly marked for ear or forehead application. When tested, the thermometer was typically off by 1 to 3 degrees when compared to oral thermometers.
The design of this product is similar to that of a professional children’s thermometer, meaning that users get results that are fast and consistent.
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Clinical Digital Children’s Thermometers – For Fast Temperature Readings

If you’re a relatively new parent, you probably understand the importance of taking your child’s temperature regularly, especially if they’re less than a year old.

Best Clinical Digital – Fast Reading
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However, that’s usually easier said than done.

Babies are naturally fussy, and it can be hard to coax them to suck on a bottle let alone tolerate a foreign implement dangled or prodded at them.

While not as fast as some of the infrared models available on the market today, this traditional digital thermometer is the perfect option for families on a budget.

Performance and Durability

Although designed for babies and toddlers almost anyone in your family can use this model. You can use this to check temperature orally, rectally or even under the armpits.

However, since the unit is classified as having a soft tip (meaning that it has a soft, flexible tip made of silicon instead of plastic), it’s not an ideal butt thermometer.

Why choose a soft tip model?

Flexible tips are made for oral application and are made in particular to be more comfortable for your baby.

While you can also use them for the rectal application, they can be extremely uncomfortable and can even cause potential injury if you’re not careful.

Ideally, this particular thermometer is more suited for taking temperature orally.

In general, the unit is more like the digital human thermometers that can be found in most households.

It has an alarm that rings when it’s finished checking the temperature and a sleek design that’s both user-friendly and kid-friendly.

Additionally, these models come in two vibrant colors—orange and blue.

These bright colors are especially appealing to children and can help them to view having their temp checked as a potentially fun and harmless experience instead of a torture session.

Want to know what makes the clinical digital one of the best options for your baby?

Well, that would be its ability to measure temperature in about half the time than other oral models. In fact, this is one of the fastest oral versions available on the market.

So how fast is this unit?

It takes about 15 seconds to read temperature, which is four times faster than the average model (which takes about one full minute).

As an infant oral thermometer, this is also one of the most accurate you can buy.

Another perk:

Since it’s a more common design, it’s also one of the least expensive you can buy.

If you’re looking for an option that’s fast, reliable, and suitable for a budget, then you’ll appreciate just how affordable this unit is.

Typically priced anywhere between $3-$10, this product is worth its weight in gold regarding accuracy and precision.

Keep in mind, however, that although this product can and will work on babies, it is invasive—which many children under the age of one will find uncomfortable despite the flexible tip.

Practically speaking, you want to use this product on anyone over the age of three months.

The flexible tip is perfect for children, especially children that complain about the tip on traditional thermometers as being too uncomfortable to stick under their tongues.Like a lot of oral thermometers, this unit is susceptible to inaccurate readings if you (or the person having their temperature tested) eat something hot or cold before use. Additionally if stored in an environment that’s far above or below room temperature, the product is also prone to giving inaccurate readings.
It also has a unique design that makes switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit easy. All you have to do is simply hold down the power button until the option switches.
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Accurate oral thermometer for both Kids & Adults

When you think of a traditional product, this oral model (or something quite similar) is probably what comes to mind.

Oral product toddlers & Adults
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In fact, this model is pretty much standard and is priced as such. If you’re looking for something that’s inexpensive, straightforward, and accurate, then you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Accuracy is one of the best features of this unit.

Like a lot of other traditional versions, you’ll find this particular product gives a far more accurate reading than infrared units.

Even better, you’ll find that this works for people of all ages.

You can use this on a baby, infant, child, or spouse.

But it has more to offer. Read on to find out.

Performance and Durability

As a thermometer designed with the entirety of your household in mind, you’ll find that its variety of applications makes it an ideal all-purpose option.

Not only can you use this as for oral readings, but it also works as a rectal thermometer as well. It doesn’t feature a flexible tip, however, which makes it a better option for rectal application. You can also use this unit to measure the temperature under the armpit.

Additionally, you can also use this version on babies since it makes for a far more accurate instrument to measure temperature with than those specific infant non-contact options.

You just need to way up against how invasive certain models are versus babies temperament.  

The joys of parenthood!

This allows you always to feel confident in the results that it gives you, so you can to take the appropriate action needed in the event of a mild or severe fever.

And let’s face it:

With standard types, the only thing that matters more than accuracy is speed.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks to oral models that cause many people to shy away from them is that they can take ages to measure an individual’s temperature.

While this might not be a huge issue for teenagers or adults, for children and infants this drawback alone can be a major deal breaker.

However, this is simply not the case with this model.

Typically, the device only takes about 10-20 seconds to get an accurate reading by mouth and about 30 seconds to get a gauge on underarm temperature. Most children will find these measurement times to be more tolerable than anywhere between 3-5 minutes.

Most children will find these measurement times to be more tolerable than anywhere between 3-5 minutes.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Well, it only gets better from there.

Created with families and children in mind, the unit comes in two different colors—red and blue—and also features a beeper that will alert users when the machine is done taking their temperature.

Unlike the majority of standard digital versions, the model can also remember the last temperature was taken, which can be especially useful if you’re monitoring the progression of a fever.

The LCD changes color depending on the severity of the temperature. While most children will tolerate this thermometer, it is invasive, which makes it less ideal for a baby, as they tend to squirm around a lot.
As a thermometer that works for different applications throughout the body, the stainless steel tip on this product makes cleaning and disinfecting it so much easier. The 3.0 V button batteries used on this model is harder to find and replace than AA batteries.
This is one of the most affordable thermometers available on the market.
Also, the unit comes with an automatic shut-off feature in the event that you forget about it.
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Pacifier Thermometers for taking Baby’s temperature orally

Few things are as soothing to babies as a pacifier. On the other hand, few things are as distressing to these little munchkins than a thermometer.

Baby Pacifier thermometer
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I mean, come on.

You probably wouldn’t want to be poked and prodded—especially if you weren’t feeling well, right?

Which is why the folks at Tetrometero did something ingenious.

They made a model that’s shaped (and works very much) just like a pacifier. Gone are the days where you had to coax your child into putting up with a foreign implement.

Instead, you just turn it on, place the pacifier in their mouth and check the temperature when it beeps.

It even has an auto shut-off function in the event that you forget it, so it’s completely safe.


Performance and Durability

What’s great about this baby thermometer pacifier is that it’s once of the easiest oral options you can use.

Unlike of a lot of other oral options (especially those designed for babies), this model is totally hassle-free and will be instantly recognisable to your little one.

As we mentioned above, there’s almost no coaxing involved with this solution.

But even better, it’s also one of the more comfortable options available.

This particular product is made of silicon, which is easier for babies to latch onto compared to the stiff tip of a traditional digital version.

Since this isn’t your average device, however, it does take a bit more time to test the temperature.

Typically, this product takes an average of three minutes to get an accurate reading.

But there are a few benefits to this longer than normal testing time:

Firstly, it ensures that you’re getting as accurate a result as possible.

Secondly, it also works to calm a stressed, tired, or sick baby. So, essentially, you’re killing two birds with one stone: Soothing a toddlers teething & checking for a raised fever.

And there’s never any doubt about what the results are thanks to the LCD screen located at the front of the pacifier, which displays the numbers clearly.

It’s also suitable for parents no matter where they live, with both a Fahrenheit and Celsius measurement option.

But here’s the really amazing thing about this thermometer:

It’s one of cheapest (if not the cheapest) models you’ll ever buy. Given its versatility, the level of comfort it provides, and it’s accuracy, it would be hard to convince yourself not to buy it considering the price.

As one of the few accurate and incredibly innovative baby solutions on the market, you can tell that the manufacturer has designed this product with parents and their children in mind.

Everything from the price to the fact that this product is durable and design to withstand the wear and tear children will inflict upon it indicates that this is a great tool for new parents.

The dual functionality of this product, which allows it to operate as both a pacifier and a thermometer, is highly convenient for parents with especially young children or babies that are particularly finicky. Upon reviewing, the only real flaw to this product is that it’s made of inexpensive material. While in most cases it’s very durable, it can be prone to fall apart after some time. Considering the price, this is a unit that you might want to buy with the intention of replacing after significant use.
Children prefer these types of models as opposed to typical units that are invasive or even infrared products, which can still be frightening. As a pacifier, this thermometer isn’t suited to use by individuals over the age of four years.
Using this thermometer also poses a less potential risk of injury since it’s non-invasive. Whereas ear or rectal (and even oral) thermometers can potentially hurt your child.
This thermometer is also fairly accurate and is only ever off about one to two degrees.
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Best Accurate Infrared Baby Thermometer with Instant readings.

Best Accurate Instant Reading
View on Amazon

Looking for the best option for your newborn?

Well, look no further than this unit.

What’s initially attractive about this model is its design, which is both contemporary and very kid friendly. It’s an infrared thermometer for a baby or adult.

It comes with a clear stand that allows you to store this almost anywhere and features a sheath that makes it ideal for taking the temperature along the forehead.

The LCD also features a range of smiley faces that correspond to the color changing the display.

A green display with a happy face indicates a normal temperature, while a red display with a frown represents a fever.

These indicators are useful, but they’re also entertaining for kids and can serve as a momentary distraction.

Additionally, not only does the product serve as an instant thermometer for the forehead, but it also works as an ear thermometer.

Performance and Durability

There are few reasons to prefer this model over others on the market, and its one of the main reasons its classed as the he most accurate model for infants in 2017 & 2018.

To start, it’s ideal to assess a fever as it very quickly produces accurate digital readings. It takes this machine as little as one second to measure an individual’s temperature and detect a fever.

But here’s where things get really interesting:

Considering the price of this model, it’s incredibly versatile both in applications and features.

Since this is a version that runs on infrared technology, you can also use it to check the room temperature. fantastic.

You can also keep track of time with this thermometer—thanks to its clock—which is especially useful when you’re trying to keep track of a fever over the course of the day.

Quite simply, this is one of the most accurate thermometers for humans.

When it comes to gauging temperature, rarely is this unit off. In the infrequent instances when the measurement is off, you’ll find that that the error on represents a 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit difference.

And clean up is very minimal with this product. All you have to do is wipe it down and replace the sheath and stand.

Few thermometers are this easy to clean.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this model.  Accurate Celsius measurements for a baby forehead, simple to use and very comfortable for your child.

Keep in mind, however, that it operates on a CR2032 button battery, so make sure that you have backups in the house if the battery dies.

Similar to many any other contact-free thermometer or temporal artery thermometer, the lack of invasiveness associated with this model makes it comfortable for infants and children. When it comes to price range, the product is on the pricier end of the spectrum. It’s not the most expensive kind on the market, but it is in a higher price bracket than the standard digital thermometer.
The thermometer can be controlled from one button, making it easy and straightforward to operate.
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I hope this has given you some insight into the Best Thermometer for Toddlers and helps you select the right product for your kid.

Treating a child’s fever (orally, ears or rectal)



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