Curcumin & Joint Support | Should you Supplement ?

Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric and an integral element of Ayurvedic medicine.

Over 7,000 studies have researched the effect of curcumin on blood sugar metabolism, artery health, joint health, inflammation, cognitive health and its antioxidant properties.


Curcumin Modulates Inflammation

anti-inflammatorywith turmeric & curcuminInflammation is a localized response of the immune system to initiate the process of healing after stress or injury.

However, inflammation can lead to pain or swelling if it’s either too much or occurs too often.

According to thousands of studies, curcumin can reduce the inflammatory enzyme (LOX, COX-2, etc.) activity during an inflammatory response.

The ability of curcumin to modulate inflammatory response has been attributed to its counteractive effects on NF-kB, a protein involved in the body’s inflammatory response process and maintenance system.

The protein is responsible for eliminating damaged components of cells and improves the survival of cells.


Curcumin is Beneficial for Body Joint Pain Relief


Body Joint Pain ReliefInflammation in joint tissues can lead to specific types of pain.

Chronic joints inflammation can easily develop into serious joint problems if proper measures are not taken to prevent the deteriorating condition.

People are increasingly opting for natural alternatives to aspirin and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to help fight inflammation.

In fact, some people even take traditional supplements such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM, in combination with a daily regimen of curcumin to foster cartilage redevelopment and joint pain relief.


Studies Evaluating Curcumin as the Best Joint Supplement


knee pain treatmentsA study found that participants who consumed 500mg of curcumin extract twice daily experienced up to a 58% drop in their Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis (WOMAC) Index scores.

In the study, phospholipids-bound curcuminoids (from lecithin) and curcumin extract were used together to enhance the compound’s bioavailability.

A second study on joint health had its participants consume 250mg of curcumin extract mixed with black pepper and ginger extract as well as boswellia for 56 days, taking two tablets twice daily.

The study revealed that the participants were able to improve their VAS (Visual Analog Scale) and WOMAC scores for stiffness, joint comfort and mobility, symptoms associated with arthritic inflammation.

The study participants also reported feeling less stiffness in the morning with enhanced joint mobility during a walking test that lasted 6 minutes.

In the third study, Baylor University Medical Center researchers recruited 45 people diagnosed with arthritis and put them in two groups for 8-week treatments.

Whereas one group took curcumin extract two times daily, the other was put on an arthritic medication.

Although the two groups showed great improvements in swelling, comfort and tenderness, the participants who consumed curcumin had the most significant improvement; however, the difference wasn’t significant statistically.


Curcumin for Better Mental & Cognitive Health


Curcumin can also improve cognitive abilities due to its antioxidant, antiviral and antifungal properties.

According to preliminary studies, curcuminoids can improve the brain’s ability to clear beta-amyloid plaque, hence better mental health.

Since this type of plaque is linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s, the aged won’t just enjoy joint pain relief and improved cognitive system, but also improved mental health.


In What Form Should You Take this Joint Supplement?


supplement pill formsAlthough you can use turmeric as spice in your foods such as curry dishes, the amount of curcuminoids in it is only about 2% to 3%.

This means you can’t obtain the health benefits of curcumin from its low amounts in turmeric spice.

Look for curcumin extracts with high standardized curcuminoids levels of up to 95%.

Use it with black pepper extract or phospholipids sourced from lecithin to improve its bioavailability.

The bioavailability enhancers increase the absorption of curcumin in blood for faster transfer to various part of the body for joint pain relief.

On its own, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the body system.

Studies have shown that the bioavailability enhancers increase curcumin absorption by up to 20-fold.


The Right Dosage For Best Effect


Take 250mg to 500mg of the Best curcumin supplement extract  you can get, once to twice daily to gain the health benefits of using turmeric.

Although studies are yet to recommend the right curcumin dosage for enhanced cognitive health, it takes a higher dose to enhance your cognitive abilities.



Turmeric has many other health benefits  from being best at reducing inflammation to enhanced joint pain relief.

Curcumin intake can also improve the skin and treat most skin conditions such as psoriasis.

It can also foster the development and presence of healthy blood fats known as HDL cholesterol.

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric don’t just help in pain relief, but also treatment of arthritis.

We also cover more of the top supplements for general health on the market so do check these out.

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