Get Your Kids To Love Kayaking – And Have Great Family Adventures

There’s often nothing better than getting outdoors with the family, that feeling of setting off on an adventure together and enjoying all the wonders the natural world has to offer.

With zero distractions.  Which is why i just love kayaking with my young children.

Needless to say but i will; Getting the kids away from their all consuming digital environment is not only great for their well being and health but great for family bonding too.

Make memories to look back upon as you grow older (and less tolerant of each other, ha ha)

I recommend taking such a family trip at least once a month, not necessarily just kayaking but also camping trips with your children are great and especially when the children are still young.

You’ll have no doubt seen from my other posts that i absolutely love kayaking with my children, and hence this post is about promoting the benefits of being out on the water with the kids.

So rather than me rambling on i thought id share this fantastic pornographic i found from Mike from Kayak Fishing Guy

15 tips to consider whilst kayaking with the kids

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