Best Wireless Baby Monitors – Motorola MBP36s Reviews 2020

Last Update: 1st January 2021

So, you’re on the lookout for a reliable yet simple to operate wireless remote control  camera?  Well, look no further than this Review of the Motorola Baby Monitor.

Sold in the thousands and voted number in in many parenting and tech mags, this sleek and feature rich products is an absolute bargain.

The Motorola MBP36S is a baby monitoring device that is refined to such perfection.

Have a look for yourself with this review and quick introduction.

It’s currently unmatched in terms of its feature set and function, a quality that gives peace of minds to all new parents.

With this remote wireless camera you can easily keep an eye on their child from where ever you choose.

This gives you that much needed security yet still allowing you the have freedom to move around, or relax on the couch.

The Motorola MBP36S is fantastic investment and a real recommendation for any household looking after a little one.

It’s easily portable meaning you can take with you on your travels or stay overs.

Un boxing

Please ensure your camera packages included the following 

• 1 x Parent unit
• 1 x Baby unit (Camera)
• 1 x Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack
• 1 x Power adapter for the Parent unit
• 1 x Power adapter(s) for the Baby unit

FYI: You can actually connect up to four additional cameras if you wish to do so

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So lets now cover off what you get with each if these components.

The Parental Unit

This interface unit is so modern, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

To the point it almost looks futuristic.

mbp36s parental unitIt has a 3.5″ Diagonal Color Screen which provides high-end quality resolution for high quality and detailed monitoring

It’s also equipped with a rechargeable battery.

So, do take the time to recharge with your child isn’t napping.

Included is a highly durable AC adaptor coated with protective paint.

To pair it all up, it also has an out of range alert, and the range is wireless up to 590 feet.

If by any chance you leave the range of connection, you will be alerted so you can act accordingly.

The main parent unit is also equipped with a flip out stand.

This means you can simply put it on the table like a framed picture and read a book, with one eye on your baby.


It comes s equipped with volume control and sound level indicators.

This allows you to control how loud you want the camera to provide you (into your room) with sound feedback.

This helps you manage the sound feedback according to your environments sound levels.  And hear your babies grunting and crying in their sleep clearly.

The parental unit is also equipped with temperature display

This will help you monitor the temperature levels of your child’s room and help you act accordingly should that change adversely.

For example; should the temp increase then you may wish to remove some of the baby’s clothes, or add some ventilation.

Conversely, should it drop you may wish to add a blanket.  Great addition to support your child’s sleeping schedule.

Additional Functions

Other camera features include camera pan, tilt, and zoom options.

These are all controlled by the parental unit, including infrared night vision.

How cool is that?

So, even if its pitch black you can still see exactly how your infants doing.

This is an excellent addition as you won’t need to disturb your little one.

No need for dimming up the lights up or having to adjust the light in the room.

The camera will adapt to the existing lighting and keep monitoring with a clear view.

motorola two-way communicationsThe parental camera units have bi directional communications too.

That means you keep an eye on your and communicated directly to them via the panel, at a sound level that’s acceptable for your child’s aged.

Even if its small talk or you’re just checking up on it, you can even help him go back to sleep if you speak to it with a soothing voice.

This will provide them security and make them realize they’re not alone.

They’ll love to hear your  voice when drowsy and falling back asleep.

You can even calm your child if its crying and so forth.
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Top 10 MBP36S Motorola Baby Monitor Competitors

There really isn’t anything out there that can provide the utility & features (to the quality levels anyway) as the MBP36S.

However in the interests of impartiality here’s our list of top competing models for comparison.

ProductStar Rating

Average Amazon Reviews
SMILISM Night Vision5/5475
iBaby Monitor M6s3.5/5216
Summer Infant 286503.7/5819
PureTech Nanny cam3.7/5185
Hello Baby HB244/51280
Hello Baby HB32W4/5423
Amcrest AC-14.3/538
ANMEATE Long Range4.3/5171
Infant Optics DXR-84.4/510,971
Babysense V24US4.5/5214

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The camera unit as we already mentioned, provides two-way communication.

The built in lullabies are soothing, calming and easy going too.

These ensure that your child has a soothing and easier time falling asleep.

It also helps with the babies sleep quality too, ensuring they fall deep and dreamy.

Technical Specifications

Technical ComponentDetails
Item Weight
2 pounds
Product Dimensions
10.2 x 8.6 x 5.1 inches
1 Nonstandard Battery batteries required. (included)
Target gender
Additional product features
Wireless, night vision
3.5" Screen - 1 Camera
Power source type
AC Adaptor + Rechargeable Battery
Batteries required
Battery life
3.5 hours
Standing screen display size
3.5 inches
Display type

As we’ve mentioned on our blog already.  Quality sleep for babies is as important as eating healthy and exercise for children.

Don’t overlook how well a good sleeping environment, and pattern can be for your child’s health.

baby lullabies dreamy night skyIt has been proven that mellow sounds (such as lullabies) influence brain activity.

They help lower activity it down which leads to a more easy transition from an awake to a sleeping state for the baby.

As the brain controls muscle density contraction, heart beat rate and even breathing patterns these in turn as regulated more properly by the soothing lullabies.

Which are emitted and “sang” by the Motorola’s camera unit.

Expansion Option

This unit can be extended to include up to 4 cameras each with a 590 feet range.

Even if you connect all the four cameras, all the options which are available to one camera are going to be available to all the cameras simply because that’s how the Motorola MBP36S was designed.

Instruction Manual

Here’s are links to the instructions manuals for including Geo location contact numbers for Motorola baby video camera support, warranty & general  enquiries;

For US & CA

For UK & Europe

If you find these helpful then please do share this article.  We’ll be forever thankful!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cameras can this unit support?
Supports a maximum 4 cameras
I'd like to add another camera; what device should I opt for ?
This only supports the MBP36SBU. Click Here for more info
Can I pan in and tilt the display with this unit?
Absolutely. It is feature rich allowing you an optimal HD view of your baby.
Can you tell me how to use the screen feature please?
This depends on the number of video cams attached and paired. Essentially your main screen will divided into 4 or 2 visible features. This gives all view on one parental unit.
Could I hear all 4 cameras in a split screen setup?
You can only listen to audio form 1 camera at a time. However you can easily select or switch cameras with ease.
Is this product Vulnerable to hacking?
No, our software is updated and devices are protected against these issues.   Motorola can be contacted directly for further queries.  See our manual links for contact info.
Can I speak to my children via the control panel ?
Yes. We have a monitor button that allows you to speak to you child.

Baby Monitoring Device hacks in the news, NB: This model hasn’t been affected.


And this, my fellow friends with parental duties all about sums up my review.

Without a doubt, this device is unmatched in its function and design.  It’s unique in its characteristics and unlike anything else on the market as of today.

review the motorola mbp36s It was designed by people who truly care about design, functionality and with considerations to the struggles all parents and babysitters have at one time or another.

It clearly follows the “Golden Middle Line” rule too, satisfying the needs of both sides of the party while not leaning to the needs of either the baby nor the parent.

This without doubt makes parenting your baby that little easier (besides the crying and dirty diapers!).

I hope you found the Beta Dad Blog review useful and will find this baby monitor a great addition to the family as we did (not forgetting the baby of course!).

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  • Motorola mbp36s Review

What are buyers saying about it?

With over 820 Reviews & 271 Answered question to date, this great little model has plenty to offer.

“Five STARS – This product met my expectations 100%”
“These cameras rock! They toggle between rooms and the sound follows you”
“It was a great purchase, works amazingly”

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