TOP 6 Stroller Accessories – Ideas For Comfortable Trips

Best Stroller Accessories

Many of us will have a good idea of what we need from a stroller, but some of us may be unsure of what additional accessories we also need.

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There will even be instances where proud parents aren’t even sure what great accessories exist.

While you can browse the Internet, there’s the options available including how these accessories can actually benefit us and our children can get a bit overwhelming.

The following looks at some of the more commonly used stroller accessories, along with a couple you may not have heard of before.

1.Toy Tether Straps

toy tether strapsWe’ve probably all been in a position where our children are endlessly throwing their toy from their stroller.

While this can be frustrating for parents, it’s merely a game to children.

However, if the process continues throughout the day, then you could find that it’s not long before you’re falling behind.

There’s also the dreaded moment when you realize your child hasn’t got their favorite toy for bed, which can often upset the night time routine.

While simple in design, toy tether straps are an ideal way of ensuring that your child’s favorite toy doesn’t go anywhere soon.

In fact, if you decide to but bright colored straps, you will often find that this alone is enough to distract the little one from throwing their toys out of their pram in the first place.

In either instance, parents can be confident that there will be no tears come bedtime, and that they are able to work their way through a demanding to-do list with ease.

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2. Stroller Lock

stroller lock accessoriesWhile you can easily man-oeuvre a stroller for the best part, there will be times when you need to leave it outside or shop or small property.

Depending on what type of stroller you have, should it become damaged or stolen, then you’re not only left with the cost of a taxi ride home, but also the cost of a new stroller.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of a stroller lock which ensures that your stroller is secured should you need to leave it outside.

While it shouldn’t be assumed that your stroller is at risk of theft, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

3. Parasol

stroller parasol umbrellaWhile this may seem overly obvious to some, many of us live in areas that don’t see much sun.

As such, we can often forget how vital a parasol is when the sun finally decides to show.

While you won’t always need it, you will find that a parasol will be the most important accessory to have at your disposal.

There are many different styles and sizes available, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding a parasol that fits in with the style of your stroller.

Many parasols have the option to collapse or fold in too place , putting it out of the way when not in use.

This avoids the inconvenience of attaching and detaching the parasol each time.

4. Snack Tray

stroller snack trayMany parents will know how demanding their children can be and having to stop every five minutes to contend with snacks can stressful and time-consuming.

Purchasing a simple solution like a snack tray will allow you to set our child’s snack, while allowing them to have easy access while on the move.

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5. Buggy Board

buggy board add onIf you’ve only one child to contend with, then a stroller is more than enough for your needs.

However, if they have a slightly older sibling that’s lagging behind, it can be another hindrance when trying to meet the demands of a busy day.

While not a solution for everybody, a buggy board can make a difficult day out much easier, as the board allows the older child to jump on board while the stroller is in motion, without them damaging the stroller.

6. Soft Cup Holder

buggy soft cup holderWhen looking for accessories, don’t feel that there’s no benefits in it for the parents.

Being a mum or dad can be time-consuming, and taking a timeout isn’t always an option.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to a cup of coffee while on the move.

A soft cup holder is ideal for buy parents, and even doubles as storage for your phone, keys and loose change.

As you can see, there are several accessories that can make life easier when it comes to contending with daily life and ensuring your child is satisfied.

How much the items are can depend on the manufacturer and quality.

If you’re ever in any doubt about a particular product, then it can be worth carrying out some research beforehand.

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