What Are Travel System Strollers? Helping NEW MOMs DECIDE

There was a time when new parents had to contend with robust but heavy prams, which meant travelling with could be problematic at best and impossible at worst.

Fortunately, as time has gone on, the way in which children are transported has evolved and now is now much more convenient than ever.

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In fact, there could be some instances where parents are overwhelmed with the choice available to them.

A popular choice among parents is what is known as a travel system stroller, but what does such a solution consist of, and what benefits can it offer parents?


Travel System Strollers Explained

As the name would suggest, this type of stroller is designed with travel in mind, especially if you’re transporting younger children.

When purchasing a travel system stroller, you will normally receive a car seat, the base for the seat and the stroller itself.

The seat will connect to the base when travelling via car and can be detached and then attached to the stroller.

This ensures that we’re not disturbing our children in the process, and the process is much easier for us when having to contend with other tasks.


What Version are BEST for me?

Every parent will have their own requirements, so what’s right for one person may not necessarily suit someone else’s situation.

One of the main deciding factors can be the age of the child, so you should expect to invest in the following as your child develops.

  • First Stage: Rear-Facing Car Seat (Birth to Three Years Old)
  • Second Stage: Front-Facing Car Seat (One to Seven Years Old)
  • Third Stage: Belt-Positioning Booster Seat (Four to Twelve Years Old)

The reason for the overlapping of age groups is because no two children are the same when it comes to how they grow.

This means that although a child is older, they may still need to use a booster seat to ensure that that they’re safe.

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Finding a Good Quality Travel System

When searching for a travel system stroller, it can be tempting to opt for a cheaper model.

While there is nothing wrong in securing a good deal, we also need to ensure that the stroller we purchase is fit for purpose.

The Internet can offer lots of advice in relation to what the best strollers out there are.

There are a series of expert reviews available via several outlets, or you could even check what other parents have to say about the model you’re looking at.

Once you have all the information to hand, you will be in a better position to find a stroller to suit your both your needs and your budget.


Do You Need Accessories?

Although most travel system come with the basics that every parent needs, there may be other stroller accessories you should consider before travelling.

For example, will be you using the stroller for walks on a sunny day?

If so, then it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a parasol.

If you have an older sibling, then you may also want to consider a buggy board.

Once you have your stroller, you should have no difficulty in finding accessories that look to make life easier overall.

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Other Considerations to Make

As well as ascertaining what size travel system stroller you need, you will also need to consider the weight of the car seat.

Although some may only be using the car seat for transitioning between the stroller and the car, others may be looking to carry the seat for some time.

As such, something that becomes too heavy could prove to be problematic when contending with daily life.


THE Disadvantages

For the most part, there is very little reason as to why a travel system stroller won’t be able to meet your needs, but like any product, there can be disadvantages.

Strollers that employ a travel system are by their very nature going to be heaver, so if you’re used to a lightweight stroller, it may be a good idea to become adjusted before travelling too far.

You will also find that you need to replace the car seat once your children outgrow the initial one, although it will be around two years before a baby outgrows the seat.

If you have a hectic life then time can be of the essence, and many parents just want to ensure that their duties are fulfilled without hindrance.

Trying to fit children into a car eat during the school run can be stressful but being able to just click a seat in place makes the world of difference.



Chicco Travel System Overview


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