Firstly, welcome to the Beta Dad Blog!

I’m glad you found the site and I do hope you find some value in my content.

So why, and what is this site all about?

BetaDadBlog Profile PictureWell, this is my little corner of the internet, and it’s the place where I get to ramble on, curate, and brain dump thoughts, ideas, life lessons, product reviews and any other pieces of content I feel are worth some value, and in some cases simply for entertainment.

So who am I and what are you rambling about? 

I’m Beta Dad, I’m a husband to Nadeen and a dad to my little girl Nina (20 months old at the time of writing) and just like you I’m navigating my way through parenthood, marriage, and life in general.

Why the name?

If you think about software for example, the term ‘Beta’ relates to the unfinished version, one of which is often full of glitches, is in testing, has some bugs and so on.   This along with the play on the words ‘Better’’ brought me to the name Beta Dad Blog.

I found this name quite apt, as I and this site (and like everyone else reading) is never the finished article or complete version of what they want to be.  We’re’ all still in ‘Beta’ to a degree and all striving to be ‘Better’ in everything we do.

What to expect

To expand on what I’ve already stated.   The theme of this site relates to being a parent, but also being a dad.  It will provide Informative and detailed parenthood relative articles & products reviews, aimed at new & experienced parents, plus anyone wishing to purchase such related products to friends & family.

Not only that but additional informative articles and products reviews related to our hobbies & pastimes, home improvements and anything else about parenting & home keeping chores 😉

Plus, Random & curated content, which you may or may not find entertaining!

Please do feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.  And yes, we do welcome guest posts & editorial contribution.

Best Wishes from the BetaDadBlog.com