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For Active Dads’: Bond with Your Children Through Sports

Dad-child combos in real-time sports competitions can be really heartwarming knowing that the kids’ love and excellence for the sport is nothing but their father’s huge influence in life. Whoever hasn’t heard about Stephen Curry, one of the greatest in the basketball arena, with his impressive shots? He got that shooting touch from his father who was an NBA sharpshooter too back in his time. Their bonding, through basketball, shaped Stephen’s future—to be the legend that he is today.

Sports can prove to be a great bonding between dad and son, and it’s not about being the best in it. In fact, as the dad, you may even be a beginner like your child.  It’s the benefits of sport-led dad-child bonding that you’re going after, the good parts don’t just stop there. If you’re not really into sports, at least support them to becoming more physically active.

Instilling a Love for Sports in Your Kids Is Your Gift to Them

Parents will always be kids’ first role models. No matter how simple the things parents do, their children will tend to copy them. At their tender age, you have this huge influence on their life. If you are a physically active parent, then they will too. Introducing them to a sport may be your greatest gift, but of course, if they like the same activity too.

It’s easy to identify whether they like certain activities. You can wait for them to develop a liking, but if they don’t after a long time and feel forced, then perhaps it’s time to venture into other forms of sports and not just your favorite.

You know that sports offer so many benefits to any person, more so for children who are just learning their way in life. All dads will want their kids happy and healthy. Getting them into sports is one way to ensure they get better physical and mental health. When kids start to love sports or being physically active, this will most likely last throughout their lifetime.

However, sports may not be for everyone. Note that if your kids aren’t interested in any, you can always just go for any physical activities. Play with them, teach them how to swim or ride a bike, and many others. Remember to be realistic. Forget about your expectations. In the end, the goal is to let your kids have fun.

The Kinds of Sports to Bond You and Your Kids

Here are some ideas for physical activities that can help both you and your kid to bond and be fit:


This is the easiest way to get both your adrenaline levels spiking and getting your bond to another level, something you can do just about anywhere you live and anytime. Running is a form of cardiovascular exercise that can help your kid be healthier, more confident, and even have better grades. You may compete with one another, but of course, be there around every step for his safety.

You may even consider joining a few short marathons to teach your kid love for running while he’s still young. What will make running special for your child is the attention that you give to him during and after the run.


Is your kid yet a toddler? As young as three or four-year-olds, they can already learn tennis. Most exemplary tennis players claim to start the sport at an early age, so even if you don’t play it but you want to raise a sporty kid, tennis is the way to go.

It wouldn’t be hard to interest your kid in tennis. Rackets nowadays are light, colorful, yet powerful at the same time. Most kids love visually appealing toys, so just one look at a racket will most likely interest them immediately. Remember that the goal is for you two to bond, so don’t take it too far to the point of forcing them to train every day.


Perhaps, you want to take your bonding to the golf course. Just like any other sport, when they start early, they’re better at it growing up. Playing golf requires patience and attention to toss a ball to the hole, so your kids might not get interested in the sport even if you do.

When they’re not ready to do their shots, you can play around the course, such as making them ride the golf or cricket cart for fetching the balls, then let them try when they’re already curious enough.

Of course, your bonding wouldn’t be complete without food. Make sure that you have fun snacks after your activity to make the goal clearer—not a father getting his kids under strict training but one that tries to bond with his kids.

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