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Father Figure: What Makes a Great Dad?

Whether through careful planning or by accident, the vast majority of dads go into this new adventure with hope, expectation, and a clear understanding of the tests that lay ahead. In essence, they don’t want to suck at what they are about to do. Instead, they want to excel, succeed, and show themselves and others that fatherhood is something they can handle and flourish at.

If this is you, here are four aspects to consider to be the best dad you can be.

Knowing Your Limits

Sometimes, one of the members of our household is suffering from a complex, degenerative disease that slowly begins to prevent them from acting with independence and performing essential activities of daily living on their own. In cases like these, instead of tackling the challenge of supporting this person by ourselves, it is better to hire the assistance of a reliable entity with experience in dementia support services. Not only will an individual with expertise provide a comprehensive level of support, but he will also do it with empathy and compassion.

The same is true for fathers all over the world, no matter the circumstances. And while aiming to be the perfect dad, the perfect husband, and the perfect provider all the time is commendable, by doing more than you can physically and mentally handle, instead of being the rock your family needs, you will quickly burn out, and soon enough find yourself unable to fulfill your duties.

A Jack of All Trades

Raising a child, let alone two or three is one of the most difficult, exhausting, and stressful tasks any parent will experience. There are several reasons for this.

First, children have minds of their own and, oftentimes, disagree with what they are told to do. Second, the financial burden of providing a good education is an enormous source of unrelenting, constant pressure. Finally, teaching a child the importance of living with honesty, righteousness, integrity, and morality is not easy.

Still, as fathers, is it our responsibility to be whatever our spouses and kids need us to be. If we have to be strict one day, then that is how we should behave. If it is necessary to be lenient, understanding, and forgiving on a different occasion, we must also act accordingly.

Being Emotionally Present

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One of the many differences between human beings and other animals is that only we can have our bodies and minds engage in completely different things. When a lion is sleeping, it is not thinking about eating. And when it is hunting for prey in the wilderness, it is not thinking about sleeping. On the other hand, we often work on a report in the office, but our minds are on the football game later that night. Or we might be talking to our boss, but deep inside, we are wondering what it would be like if we were the boss, and he was our employee.

Regardless of nationality or cultural background, many women complain about their husbands and boyfriends not being emotionally present several times during a relationship. They protest that the men in their lives are physically present, but their minds have checked out. Needless to say, this isn’t something a great father or husband should do.

Leading by Example

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will go through many instances in your life when you feel weak, disappointed, and defeated. Maybe you lost your job, or the promotion you earned was given to somebody else. Perhaps one of your children is not doing well at school, had an accident, or is very sick. In these moments of sadness and despair, we find outlets to provide us the comfort we need, outlets that are often not good for the people we share our lives with or us.

Smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and binge eating are not habits you want your children to follow. And as straightforward as this might sound, it is not enough to tell them not to do them. As fathers, we also shouldn’t do them ourselves. And if, for one reason or another, we fall into the trap of vice, it is our job to find strength wherever we can find it, pick ourselves up, and follow the course. That is what responsible men do.

A great father knows his limits and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his family and make them happy. He is also an emotionally present individual and knows how to lead his household through action, not only words. And while you may be good at some but not others, keep in mind that there is always a chance to change, improve, and be the dad your family deserves.




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