Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business

If you are working at your own business, the time might have arrived to include your children in it. Most of the children from entrepreneurial homes want to grow up to be entrepreneurs themselves. So, apart from getting aid, you are also working towards your children’s life goals. When children see you tiling at work, it helps them understand the seriousness and gravity of the work. They learn to respect work.

If you work from the home premises, it is a boon for kids and you. Both of you have each other’s back. Additionally, you get help at no cost. But you have to understand which job to delegate to children. They will not be able to do just about any odd job at your business. You should always take them along for meetings to see your behavioral aspects. Make them learn all of this more when they are young, to develop a solid foundation for the times ahead.

Read about how you can involve your kids in your business.

Crafting the Tools

This is the first step that will take your children forward. You can ask them to create the tools of business. If you have a catering business or cafe, it makes sense to allow them to make their cutlery and utensils. Ask them to make a false furnace or fire, on which they can emulate cooking. The children will love this stimulative activity. It is quite a good learning activity that will help you get a helping hand for your business when you need help.

As a parent, you have to keep your children away from hazards. Make them non-fire hazards. So that is something worth exploring. Tools are the first step in understanding what any business expects of them.

Dealing with Customers


Suppose you want to start a business in the food industry. You’ll have to research what your potential customers might want. You can offer them a taste of the Mediterranean and invest in a Greek food franchise. You get the added advantage of branding and promotion. The business is already established and has patterns to lure the right customers. You also get a ready database. But what profit you make depends on how you deal with the customers. No one can help you with that, as it is your inherent capability. Therefore, you should include your children in such interactions.

If possible, you can take the children to the business place and help them get feedback from customers. In doing so, you can teach them the importance of the feedback process in business. Every business aims to create customer delight, and this business is not any different. You can instruct your children that customers are the lifeblood of any organization whatsoever.

Role of Daily Briefings

In any small business, you will be dealing with different customers and situations daily. It is significantly more evident in service-based industries. You need to provide training and feedback to staff daily. Take the example of a wellness center. You can include your children in the morning briefings about up-selling and cross-selling beauty packages without forcing them on clients. It will help them get prepared and organized. The main aim of such meetings is to guide the operations according to standard operating procedures. This is when owners share the stories of challenges with their employees.

If your children witness o such discussions, it will also help them get into the groove. Later on, you will find that they give you suggestions to improve upon the operations.

Hire Them

Irrespective of your business, you can hire your children when you have taken your children through the above steps. It is an excellent opportunity to show them what real work looks like. It is a natural stepping stone after attending so many training and briefings. Bring them on board to give them some ownership. You can give them a new-age task, like managing your social media page. Teach them about marketing campaigns so they can facilitate the same. They should know what kids their age want to see in social media these days. By employing your children in your small business, you can teach them a lot about accountability.

This fundamental trait can turn losses into profits in any business. Additionally, you give them something to put on their resume. They view it as an achievement and will often brag about their new role in a school. By receiving a paycheck at the end of the month, they seem to get their first taste of freedom as well. You will be teaching them money management in this way. It is something that no human or business can do without. So, teach them this early on. They also stay away from spoilt brat-like airs. So, that is a double bonus.

These are a few of the ways you can involve your children in your business or work. They can watch you grow and grow in the process to become successful individuals without any hang-ups. Such children grow up to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

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