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Pandemic Dad Hacks: Guide to Staying Safe with the Family While Outdoors

It can certainly be a harsh world. The recent struggles of NBA player Paul George when he had to play against the Phoenix Suns in the recent Western Conference Finals 2021 of the NBA is a fine example. Not only did he have to play without the team’s main man Kawhi Leonard due to the latter’s injury but also he was roasted on the internet for his inability to win the best-of-7 games. People call him “Pandemic P”.

On a bigger note, however, America was also roasted during the pandemic. Long called the only true superpower on the planet, the Land of the Brave endured humiliation when it became the country with the most pile of dead bodies when the smoke cleared. It seemed to have shot its foot and in the process became the butt of jokes for everyone on the planet.

But America has recovered now. Thanks to the aggressive vaccine strategy by the Biden administration, everyone is in a much better position this year compared to last year. And that can certainly be your cue as a dad to enjoy the outdoors with your family.

And yet, it’s still best to be safe rather than sorry, especially with the Delta variant making its presence felt in America. Truth be told, you just can’t let your guard down. To help you, here’s a field guide on how to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors with everyone in the family.

CDC Guidelines Still Up

Know there’s a heated debate amongst ordinary folks and amongst experts, whether our current vaccines are effective against the Delta variant. While many are saying that being vaccinated is protection enough, there are cases when vaccinated people fall. Recent surges in the U.K., nearly half of those who died are vaccinated people. As reported, the Delta variant has reached over 84 countries.

Of course, nobody is stopping you from going outdoors with the family. It can certainly be a most opportune time. Nature and all that sun and fresh air this summer can mean a timely break from the long period squirreling away inside our precious abodes.

Take note that CDC guidelines detail we must still social distance and avoid large gatherings and events, whenever possible. Events such as trade shows, conferences, and sporting events, or large weddings are considered large. The greater the event, the greater should be your resolve to stay away from them.

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Keep Your Distance from People

It’s the reason why extra safety measures are often recommended for big parties and social gatherings. Many, for instance, deploy handy thermal imaging cameras at the door to ensure no one comes in with an above-average temperature or fever, one of the symptoms of the virus. With infrared cameras, you can take a person’s skin temperature without having to get dangerously near.

For your benefit, it’s best you keep the family local. For one, visit parks within the state or better yet near your property. Therefore, it’s best you do your due diligence and check which tourist spots and parks can get easily crowded, not to mention know which parks are closed.

If you find a park too crowded for comfort, skip the tour altogether. It’s better you find another place to visit than risk the whole family.

It’s also best you bring snacks and packed water with you for the whole family. This way you won’t need to stop to buy at a store.

Word of caution: public restrooms are certainly not the best route. If you have to go in one, sanitize your hands after using. That means you should have a handy sanitizer ready or a bottle of 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

Making the Most of the Outdoors

If you and the family bike through a trail, remember each time as much as possible to avoid getting in touch with people along the way. Tell your folks never to do small talk to anyone even when you’re at a stop. Strangers talk to strangers and in the process could be passing the virus along. Even people you know, a long-lost friend you may not have seen for a while could pass the virus along inadvertently.

So it’s better you keep your distance as much as possible. As CDC indicates, the virus spreads primarily via sneezing and coughing. When that happens, tiny droplets which contain the virus could be hurled into your direction and enter your system in the process.

The same holds true for running. Though you may be breathing hard, you may still be vulnerable to the virus. The best rule, therefore, is to follow protocols and maintain at least 6-feet distance from a stranger. The farther, the better. People may find that a bit harsh but what’s important is you can rest easy with everyone from home safe at the end of the day.

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