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What Grooms Can Take on When Planning a Wedding

Most brides take on the bulk of wedding planning duties for several reasons. For one, it is usually expected by family and friends to be a bride-centric event, with the emphasis placed on her. In addition, most brides are naturally more organized than grooms when planning an event of this magnitude that requires excellent attention to detail and stress management. Studies have shown that over 70% of brides interviewed said they enjoyed organizing their wedding and felt it was a part of their special day they could call their own.

Many grooms are overwhelmed and do not know where to begin once the engagement is announced. Brides, however, often already have ideas in mind and the determination to make them happen. They are also less likely to be intimidated by vendors or get sidetracked by suggestions from well-meaning guests who may want to get involved in the planning process.

Statistics also show that nearly 80% of couples surveyed stated that the bride took on most, if not all, responsibility for researching venues, flower arrangements, entertainment, menus, decorations, and other details associated with weddings. This indicates that brides have become accustomed to taking charge of wedding planning and enjoy having control over most decision-making during what should be a joyful time for both partners.

However, it doesn’t mean the grooms can’t help out. Even though the bride may take on most of the responsibilities, the groom can still take a more active role in wedding planning. Here are a few details that grooms can handle.

DJ or Band

Grooms can handle the legwork of finding a DJ or band for their wedding for several reasons. First, it gives the groom a chance to participate in the decision-making process and make sure that his opinion is heard in the musical selection. Grooms can also research different DJs or bands available in their area. This allows them to create a shortlist of possible contributors who can provide music at their ceremony and reception.

Additionally, grooms can coordinate with DJs or bands on specific details such as pricing, sound capabilities, song requests, and other information that could help plan the evening’s entertainment. This helps to ensure that all components of the event come together seamlessly. Grooms can also put their spin on the evening if they choose by selecting specific songs that have personal significance to them and their partner, such as a “first dance” song or something they both enjoy listening to regularly.

When researching potential DJs and bands, grooms need to read reviews from past customers, get references from those same customers, and look at setlists from past events (if available). They should also compare pricing models between different vendors, contact several people for quotes, and ask about additional services (such as lighting). It is also wise for grooms to create an audition with multiple potential vendors to see what type of performance each one offers before making a final decision. This information will help them feel more comfortable with their choice of musical entertainment on one of the most important days of their lives.

Exciting Elements

Getting sparklers for the wedding

Grooms should consider taking on the exciting elements of their wedding, like getting wedding sparklers, confetti, and fireworks displays for outdoor weddings. This is an excellent way for grooms to get involved and contribute to the planning process in a meaningful way. Not only will it take some of the burdens off of the bride, but it can also help create a truly unique and memorable experience for all their guests.

Grooms can research different types of sparklers, confetti, and fireworks displays to find the right combination that fits their budget. They can also contact vendors to get estimates on pricing, setup time, and other requirements needed to incorporate these elements into the wedding day festivities. Grooms should note that if they are planning an outdoor event, they will need to check local laws and regulations before moving forward with any pyrotechnics display.

The 20-inch wedding sparklers are the safest option for couples because of their shorter burn time and are most famous for guests to wave around during the couple’s grand entrance or first dance. Grooms can also look into different types of confetti cannons, fireworks launchers, and even sky lanterns as additional options to add that extra bit of sparkle and excitement to their wedding day. With a little research and planning, grooms can take charge of these fun elements and make sure it is done correctly.

Guest Transportation

Grooms can also be responsible for coordinating transportation for their guests. This includes arranging buses, taxis, and car services to ensure everyone arrives safely and on time. It is important to note that some venues may have specific restrictions regarding the type of transportation they allow or require. Grooms should research local ordinances to ensure they stay within the law when planning transport for their wedding day.

Once grooms have researched, they can contact vendors to get quotes and availability for their wedding date. They should also consider taking into account any special requests from guests, such as wheelchair-accessible vehicles or extra stops.

When it comes time for the big day, grooms should coordinate with drivers and ensure everyone has their assigned vehicles, contacts for the transportation company, and any other necessary information. This will ensure that guests arrive at the ceremony and reception with minimal hassle or delay.

Final Thoughts

Grooms can take on various responsibilities associated with wedding planning if they choose to do so. Whether researching bands, arranging transportation for guests or taking charge of exciting elements like sparklers and fireworks displays, grooms can help create a memorable experience for everyone involved in their special day. With proper research and communication skills, grooms can become an integral part of the wedding-planning process and make sure their partner’s day is perfect!

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