Securing Your Home

How To Secure Your Home Through 24/7 Surveillance Systems

  • Determine the need for a 24/7 surveillance system by identifying coverage areas, choosing a camera type, and setting a budget.
  • Enhance network security through password changes, enabling encryption, and consistently checking for vulnerabilities.
  • Central alarm monitoring enhances surveillance efficiency, enabling 24/7 monitoring from a single location.
  • Investing in 24/7 surveillance provides peace of mind, ensuring the safety of property and loved ones.

As a father and a tech enthusiast, you understand the importance of securing your home. One effective way to do so is by investing in 24/7 surveillance systems. With the rise of crime rates, it pays to have extra measures to ensure the safety of our loved ones and property. Here are some tips on how to invest in the right surveillance system for your home.

Determine Your Needs

Before investing in a 24/7 surveillance system, you must assess what you are trying to monitor. Would you want to cover the front yard, backyard, and garage? Do you need to keep an eye on your children’s play area? Knowing what you want to achieve with your surveillance system will help determine the type of cameras you need. Here are factors to consider:


The location of your cameras is pivotal in maintaining effective surveillance. Outdoor cameras should ideally be placed at high points covering the entire yard, adjacent streets, or entry points such as doors and windows. Indoors, consider areas with valuable items or locations that may serve as potential entry points for intruders. Remember, the aim is to have comprehensive coverage to deter any possible threats.

Type of Camera

Choosing the right type of camera for your surveillance system is crucial for optimal security. There are different types of cameras, each designed for specific tasks. Bullet cameras, for instance, are excellent for monitoring narrow, particular areas, while dome cameras offer a wider viewing angle, ideal for larger spaces. Consider features such as night vision, motion detection, and resolution. High-definition cameras will provide more precise videos, making identifying faces and license plates easier.

Price Range

When investing in a 24/7 surveillance system, it’s essential to consider your budget. While higher-priced systems usually come with advanced features and better video quality, affordable alternatives deliver decent performance. Keep in mind that investing in home security is about finding a balance between cost and the level of protection you desire.

CCTV security camera system outdoors in a house

Upgrade Your Network Security

Installing a 24/7 surveillance system is only part of the equation; you also need to consider protecting your network from potential intruders. An excellent first step is to upgrade your router’s firmware with the latest security patches provided by the manufacturer. Doing so will close any loopholes that might have been found since you first got it, keeping your network secure from cybercriminals and malicious hacking attempts. Here are things to consider:

Create a Unique Password

Default passwords are not only easy to guess but are also one of the most common security vulnerabilities. So, when upgrading your router’s firmware, choose a unique password that anyone cannot easily guess. It’s also important to regularly change this password every few months for additional protection.

Enable Network Encryption

Network encryption ensures that all data going in and out of your network is safe from snooping. Several types of encryptions are available, such as WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access) or the more secure WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access). By enabling one of these, you can be sure that any sensitive information, such as financial information or passwords, remains safe and secure.

Check for Vulnerabilities

It can be hard to keep track of all the security updates released by router manufacturers. So, it’s essential to use a vulnerability scan tool that will alert you of any potential risks or vulnerabilities. Such devices also come in handy if you want to monitor suspicious activities on your network, such as unauthorized users or malware.

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Consider Central Alarm Monitoring

An efficient central alarm monitoring solution ensures that your surveillance system is up and running 24/7. Many providers offer reliable services that allow you to monitor multiple alarm systems from one central location. This will make it easier for law enforcement to respond quickly if any alarms are triggered.

These services also offer additional features, such as automated alerts or remote access through a smartphone app. By having access to all your alarms in one place, you can quickly and efficiently respond to any threats that may arise.

Furthermore, central alarm systems may qualify for discounts on specific home insurance policies. So, be sure to check with your insurer if they offer any such incentives.

Securing your home with a 24/7 surveillance system can give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and property are safe. By determining your needs, choosing suitable cameras, ensuring easy storage and access, selecting a reliable provider, and taking into consideration other added features, you can invest in a surveillance system that perfectly meets your needs. Don’t wait any longer; ensure the safety of your home by investing in a 24/7 surveillance system today.

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