Simple Tips for Finding the Right Christian Church

If you’re a born-again Christian, and you’ve just moved to an area, you’ll want to find a home church as soon as possible. In this video, viewers hear a review of Biblical principles for finding the right Christian church. The top priority is to find a church that believes in expository preaching.

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To find out if this is their style, ask if the sermons are driven by a verse-by-verse breakdown of the Bible.

Don’t Let Location Be Your Priority

Although it may be convenient to attend a church close to your home, that’s not a priority. Look for a church that follows the scriptural directive to have male preachers and male elders. Despite a trend in some churches, the video reminds us of the verse in Timothy that speaks against female preachers. The focus of the church should be to help members be disciples.

Be Sure They Are Biblically Based

You’ll also want a church that’s evangelistically oriented since the Great Commission directs us to share the Good News. Doctrinal truth should always be stressed, using the Bible as the primary reference. Ecumenical churches have been gaining in popularity. However, the video reminds us that we need to avoid churches that align with churches that preach false doctrine, for the sake of political correctness.

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