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Even Dads Could You Use a Bit More Time Staying Active

Sports and dads actually mix well, that is if you look at it from the perspective of watching games on the couch with a few friends during the Super Bowl or cheering for your favorite basketball team when the NBA playoffs come around. But, once we get into the conversation of fathers playing the sports themselves, let’s just say there’s a reason why Dad Bods receive such recognition.

However, while most fathers may think their glory days of running track or finding camaraderie in scoring a goal for their team are well beyond them, we strongly believe there are plenty of benefits to rekindling that passion for your favorite sports even as you age. And with the vast majority of us stuck at work, sitting for eight hours straight, or immediately passing out after a week’s worth of manual labor, you’ll be surprised at how refreshing it feels for a change pace.

Sitting Down All Day Long Is Bad For Your Health

Firstly, there’s just no excuse that can justify sitting on your butt all day, even if a large chunk of the eight hours you spent were very productive, such as charting your entry plan for Meta stocks or finalizing a partnership agreement for your business. The bottom line is that sitting too much is the definition of living a sedentary lifestyle, and while you may not notice the adverse effects right away, your metabolism and weight gain will soon catch up with your health.

  • Getting Some Extra Movement

    As we grow older, you’ll start feeling the joints get a bit stiffer with time, and when you compound that problem by staying in the same position, hunched back, and eyes glued to a computer screen, it’s pretty clear that adding some movement to your day won’t hurt. Sure, you could try to add a few extra steps up the stairs and get back into brisk walking, but nothing comes close to the intensity of a real game on the field or the court.

  • Maintaining Good Flexibility

    Apart from the act of moving itself, stiffness in the joints generally affects your overall flexibility, and you’ll find it particularly troublesome to get back that full range of motion in different angles. However, by getting back into sports like playing tennis doubles with a few colleagues, you’ll be building back that coordination in no time. Plus, it’s a great way of preventing any complications in the future too.

A Great Alternative To Hitting The Gym Religiously

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Secondly, while plenty of dads today stand by their religious gym schedules, strictly lifting weights alone and hitting the treadmill now and then don’t really capture the full breadth of overall fitness. Sure, nothing beats trying Arnold’s classic shoulders and arms workout, but even the most experienced liters can attest that playing sports is a great alternative to round out your physical capabilities and functional strength.

  • Burn Off Excess Fat And More Calories

    If you’re very calorie conscious and struggle to cut down on your intake, sports are a great way of burning off excess fat and more calories over time. Unlike most cardio exercises that are very static, sports emphasize explosiveness and high-intensity effort, really challenging your limits and burning just as many calories in less time. Plus, you’ll hardly feel any of the fatigue once you get the swing of things because the thrill of the game will take over.

  • Opportunity To Spend Time With The Kids

    Apart from personal goals, one thing that you can’t do in the gym but will have plenty of chances to try when doing sports is spending more time with your kids. And whether that’s shooting some hoops on the basketball court or showing them a few soccer tricks, you’ll be surprised at how fast time flies seeing the same fiery passion burn in their eyes.

Your Natural Defense Against Work-Related Stress

Last but not least, there’s no denying that work-related stress is becoming quite the contemporary issue nowadays, with others even falling off the deep-end and needing professional assistance like pornography addiction resources or one on one counseling sessions. But, instead of burying yourself alive in work documents and deadlines, we recommend squeezing in a few games of your favorite sports every week to help deescalate some of that pressure and alleviate most of your stress.

  • Catching Up With A Few Friends

    When we think of friends, most dads would prefer grabbing a drink with their buddies and spending a Friday night out cracking a few cold ones to the sound of laughs and hilarious stories. But, if you’re looking for something different, inviting your friends to a basketball game or a friendly badminton match can net the same effect but help everyone work up a sweat in the process.

Overall, there’s so much you can gain from getting back into sports that it seems like a no-brainer for most dads to try out. But, since we also understand that not everybody’s schedule offers the same luxury in time, picking out the most appropriate alternatives for you works great either way.

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