What to Expect With Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for babies can be just swimming lessons, or they can be much more, helping children listen and follow instructions, reinforce their concept of numbers, expand their vocabulary, gain self-confidence, and understand water safety rules. Using a pool designed to teach children how to swim -which includes a shelf children can sit on and easily climb on and off – children can grow comfortable being in the water and can listen to instructions. The instructor can count aloud as the child kicks for ten seconds, reinforcing the child’s use of numbers and ability to anticipate when the kicking exercise will end.
The instructor can reinforce that children enter the water only with permission, ensuring an adult is nearby to provide the child’s safety.

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Swimming lessons give children the confidence to learn to hold their breath since they know they are safe. They gain a sense of self-control by slipping into the water themselves, swimming for a few moments, and then returning to the shelf or wall. Swimming for objects such as a starfish or shell in the pool’s walls helps them understand directions and increases their vocabulary. Also impressive is the ability of instructors to teach children to climb out of the pool themselves using different, named body parts in sequence, which also reinforces the child’s vocabulary.

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