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Becoming a Good Father to Your Children

Being a father is a thankless job. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that nobody will give you credit for. But that’s the reality of the situation. It’s not about being thanked or appreciated; it’s about showing your children the love they need and deserve. You may have ideas on how to be a good father, but below are some more tips to help guide you.

Be There for Your Kids

As the man of the house, you could be juggling several thighs at once. You could be dealing with office tasks, trying to tend to your children, catching up with friends, and making time for your wife. But learn to be in the present moment wherever you are. When you are at home, be the father your kids need you to be, and when you are with your wife, be the husband she chose to spend the rest of her life with.

In line with this, as your kids start schooling, they will need their father to attend several activities, like sports events. Make sure you always find a way to be there and watch them and show your support to them. It isn’t just about your attendance; it’s about building a relationship of trust. Whenever you make a promise, make sure to follow through. And whenever your kids ask for you to be there, give them that boost of confidence and show up. Not only will they learn to trust you, but they will also feel more capable because the person they look up to is there to cheer them on.

Match Their Energy by Living Healthy

Kids are known to have an almost infinite amount of energy. And parenting isn’t exactly a task accomplished sitting down. It requires a significant amount of energy. You will have to run and play with them, carry them, do physically arduous tasks. And you won’t be able to do this if your physical health isn’t in good shape. Take this opportunity to start eating right, exercising, and living healthily. Your life and energy aren’t just yours. After all, you need to match your children’s vigor for life. You don’t want to constantly spend your time with them feeling tired now, would you?

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Remember that You’re a Model to Them

Fathers are models to their children. So take a long, hard look at yourself and ask yourself the tough question: are you a good model to them? Would you be happy if your father was someone like yourself? This is a question that requires looking into your own reflection and being honest with yourself.

If your answer is a no, it’s time you start taking accountability for yourself. Get rid of your vices, and go to a rehab facility for alcoholics if needed. Visit a mental health professional to sort out your personal traumas. Now, it stops being just about you. You have children to think of now, making your existence not just for yourself but also for them.

Pay Attention

Put your phone down. Put away your tools and face your kid when they’re trying to talk to you. Turn away from your computer screen or the TV when having a conversation with them. Whenever our kids try to tell us about their day, we’re either trying to finish something or want to wind down and drown out everything around us. Of course, don’t take away your personal time because you need this to recharge your energy. If you feel like your child is too pushy or clingy when it comes to grabbing your attention, you have to establish a better schedule, or you haven’t been giving them enough time.

Learn to Let Them Be

The simple truth is you can never always be there for your kids. You won’t be there to save them from every accident, you won’t be there every moment they’re hungry, and it’s not good to be there for every bit of their life. Kids need to learn how to be independent, and a good parent allows that to happen.

Let them fail and learn personal agency. Eventually, they’ll understand that they have power over themselves. This is something that can help them even in adulthood. They will have initiative and autonomy, being more active and taking matters into their own hands instead of just waiting for opportunities.


As a dad, you have to understand that your life is no longer just about you, your job, and your social life. You now have a family, and they should be at the top of your priority list. The tips here are about selfless advice, yes, but they’re advice worth following.

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