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What Should Dads Look for From a Barber Shop Near Them?

Growing up, I always hated going to the barber shop: it took time out of whatever it is I was doing for the afternoon, and honestly, I didn’t really care about what I looked like anyway. I didn’t understand at the time that looking clean and neat was an important aspect of being mature.

Here’s the thing: ‘clean and neat’ doesn’t have to mean a high-and-tight crew cut. Sure, a crewcut is those things, but if you want to keep your hair long or follow any kind of hair trend, you are free to do so, but there’s a way of making it look like something that you put care and effort into.

Why is this important? Well, as a dad, you need to set a great example for your child regarding their personal appearance. It’s not just about looking good for other people: it’s about teaching your child the importance of caring for themselves, putting effort into making themselves look presentable, and in a lot of cases, even professional.

This isn’t an article about style per se: instead, we’re going to be talking about the things Dads should be looking out for when looking for barbers near them. Remember: your barber or hairstylist of choice is going to be the one responsible in making you look the way you want to, so you need to make sure they know what they’re doing, know the proper way for you to care for your hair, and make trips to the barber shop an enjoyable experience

What Should I Look for From a Barber Shop Near Me? Competence

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A professional barber or hair stylist isn’t just someone who chops up locks whenever customers sit on their chair: they’re artisans who are masters at what they do, from cutting hair and knowing the latest trends, to giving advice on what kind of hairstyle a person should have depending on their head shape.

A good barber isn’t someone who will just comply with everything a customer requests; rather, they’ll draw from their personal and professional experience and guide you to the best type of hairstyle for you depending on a variety of factors. A good barber should refuse to service someone who doesn’t want to listen to them, albeit in a respectful and professional manner.

Not only does this show their superior competence, it also shows you that they respect both their profession and their customer. A good barber loves, enjoys, and most importantly, takes pride in their work. They’ll have high standards that they hold themselves to and they’ll have an impressive work ethic that translates to a well-done haircut. Of course, their prices will reflect this level of professional work, but remember that a great haircut is going to last just as long as a bad one.

What Should I Look for From a Barber Shop Near Me? A Professional Space

Working with hair is dirty work, literally: hair cuts create a lot of mess on the floor, and a barber shop sees different kinds of people with different types of hair and scalp issues. In a post-pandemic world, proper hygiene and sanitation are of utmost importance, and the barber shop near you needs to be able to exceed basic standards of cleanliness.

A good barber shop needs to have a clean and professional space. Not only is this good for customers, it also shows that your barber has high standards of cleanliness that they will not waver on. Keeping a clean shop shows that they care about what they do and that they put in the effort to keep their professional space as clean and enticing as possible.

Pay attention to how often your barber sanitizes their linens and equipment, as well as the work floor. Pro-tip: if you really want to make sure that a place of work is clean, check their bathroom. In any kind of shop, the bathroom’s cleanliness is a great reflection of whether or not the professionals running the place take themselves and their customers seriously.

What Should I Look for From a Barber Shop Near Me? Personable Professional

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At the end of the day, barbers and hair stylists are a lot like bartenders: they listen to their clients talk and complain about their day. A good barber is a personable professional, they’ll have the gift of gab to keep you entertained, but they’ll also know when to just silently listen to whatever it is you have to say.

This is important because it shows their clients that they care about their overall satisfaction, which includes the haircut experience. A good barber can make a 1-hour haircut feel like 5 minutes thanks to the level of care and professionalism they put in to making you comfortable.

A good barber is more than just someone who cuts your hair: it’s a person who instills in his customers the value of putting in the effort to look clean and presentable, not to mention make you feel good about looking good!

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