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Beach Hacks: Smart Ways to Ensure Fun at the Beach

Good times are found at the beach, but a rambunctious gang of kids can also lead to some unexpected scrapes and bruises. Preparing for every eventuality can ensure that you have just as much fun at the beach as the kids do. In many cases, simply knowing that you have packed enough snacks and are aware of the route to the nearest urgent care facility is enough to keep you calm and stress-free in the sand. This is so important for parents as small kids can play rough in the sand.

There is no reason that a fun beach day for the children should leave you a mass of stressed-out nerves. Even small things can feel very stressful when you have no way of doing anything about them. Preparing well in advance can allow you and your spouse to relax and focus on making memories.

Pack Everything and Label

Fill the trunk of your car with covered boxes. Label each cover so you know what’s in the box. Use the boxes with smaller compartments for essentials like sunscreen, first aid kits, wet wipes etc. use the other boxes for clean clothes, extra towels, extra snacks, power banks for devices and whatever else you may need in a hurry.

Cooler Bag

This is a tried and tested trick that has saved many a dad on long road trips and beach outings. Freeze soaked sponges and use them to line your cooler bag. This will keep your drinks and juice boxes cool. A cool drink of their favorite flavor will keep any kid from begging for overpriced drinks at the beach kiosks. If you have the space, pack multiple cooler bags so that your extra snacks can be fresh whenever you need them.

Pop a few bottles of sunscreen in the cooler bag when you get to the beach. This will make the kids easier to slather in sunscreen every few hours. They will appreciate the cooling effect and actually allow you to do it without having to chase them down.

Spray Sunscreen

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Some kids are just squirmy. Getting an excited kid who is having the time of his life to sit still so you can renew their sunscreen may require wrestling skills you haven’t learned yet.

Spray sunscreen is your friend in these cases. Simply find the kid and spray them down. They can rub it in themselves and be done in seconds. The kids will be happy to waste little time on the task and you can be assured that they will not get sunburnt.

Bright Beach Gear

Bring large yoga mats and a beach parasol. The yoga mats are lighter than towels and more durable. They are also waterproof and make it much easier to brush off the sand. The colorful gear will also make it easier for you to easily locate where all your stuff is after you go swimming.   It serves as a clearly visible point for your kids to easily locate and return to after playing. It also gives you an easy way to keep them in check. If they go too far to see the yoga mat, they have gone too far and must return to you. This is a very important feature in keeping your kids safe from wandering too far.

Diaper Safety

Even the youngest member of your family can contribute in a practical way to your family’s good time at the beach. Many people suggest attaching a cork to your keys so that even if they fall out of your pocket into the water, they are easy to find. But what about if you have an electronic car key? What if your valuables fall in the sand?

This is where your baby can help you out. Simply wrap the valuables you need to keep safe in a diaper and put it in the diaper bag. Even an unscrupulous thief would think twice before reaching into a bag of used diapers. Because you are always handling your baby’s diapers, you will easily be able to tell by weight which one has your valuables and which do not. It’s a great way to keep your keys and money safe while the whole family takes a swim together.

Keeping safe at the beach does not have to be complicated. It is about anticipating the needs you might have and ensuring you pack a solution that can make do for most situations. Plastic baggies are great for packing wet clothes and damp toys. Drop your phone into one and seal it to be able to use your phone without getting it wet or sandy. That way, your phone is within easy reach and can be used for everything from allowing a tired little kid to watch videos to keeping a series of alarms to remind you to apply sunblock. Have fun at the beach by planning ahead.

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