Work and Play: Home Office and Mancave Ideas for Dads and the Whole Family

Manly spaces are often pictured as dark and drab, creating the impression that men have little imagination. Though dark colors can result in a gorgeous, moody palette, they tend to be overused for masculine spaces. It’s about time we give men who love color a chance to inspire.

Besides, diversity is highly encouraged today, so let’s try to deviate from the norm when styling our work and play spaces. Your home office may be a place of work and your man cave space for your me-time, but at the end of the day, both rooms are part of your abode. As such, they can adopt more personality, artistry, and most of all, be family-friendly.

Below are some inspiring home office and man cave ideas for family men like you:

Home Office

  • Minimalist

Generally speaking, minimalism among men means only having the bare minimum. That would be an essential work desk, an office chair, and of course, the electronics. But while those essentials are enough to let you work, the space can use more visual interests to inspire creativity and productivity.

If you’re just not a fan of statement decorations, at least make your minimalism an actual aesthetic. Fill blank walls with simple, black-and-white art, for instance. Then have your desk items in a matching color. Combined with natural light, that simple trick can make a bland home office look streamlined. Plus, it’s gender-neutral, so your sons and daughters can use the space for their studies in the future, too.

  • Textured Window Treatments

Window treatments are often associated with femininity when, in reality, they aren’t targeted toward a specific gender. The floral curtains may indeed be feminine, but there are many other options anyway.

Rather than make a room look girly, window treatments actually add texture to a space, and of course, privacy and shade from the sun. If your home office looks flat because every surface has the same texture, use wooden Venetian blinds. If the texture isn’t an issue, consider the modern roller shades for windows. The key is to strike a balance between different textures to make your home office look finished and homely.

  • Pretty Decorations

Who says a dad’s home office can’t showcase pretty things, like vases and flowers? Since you’re aiming for a family-friendly space, don’t shy away from traditionally feminine items. That way, the kids can feel comfortable in the area when they want to use it for playtime or reading time. Consider displaying your kids’ drawings and other artworks as well. That can make them feel like the space is theirs, too.

  • Board Room Setup

If you and your spouse work, and your kids are all grown-ups who need a study space, try a board room setup in your home office. Instead of using a standard office desk, opt for a dining table or an actual conference table. Hang pendant lights overhead for decorative and practical purposes.

The only downside to this setup is the potential distractions your whole family may be subject to. But if you don’t have a problem working with your family around, this setup will suit you. Also, consider this a sneaky way to ensure that your kids are studying as they should.

Man Cave

  • Wood-clad Walls

Instead of going for the typical paneled walls, consider shiplap or wood planks to cover your walls with. They’ll add a cozier quality to the space, making it much more family-friendly. Try installing built-ins on one side of the wall, too, so that the kids can have shelving for their books and toys. They’ll serve as a place for your decorations or collections too.

  • Movie Theater Snack Bar

If you’d use your man cave for family movie nights, create an authentic cinema experience by adding a snack bar to the space. Splurge on a popcorn maker and soda fountain. Don’t forget the nachos, nacho dips, and other classic movie theater snacks and condiments.

  • Luxurious Sporty Bar

A luxurious, sporty bar will fit dads with athletic or sport-fan children. They can enjoy the space together, making mocktails and munching on snacks while watching a game. The luxurious design can represent Dad’s mature and sophisticated tastes, while the sports theme represents his and the kids’ passion.

The rooms in a house can reflect your kind of family, so make your spaces family-friendly if you want to promote close familial bonds. Make the most out of your kids’ childhood, even if that means occasionally putting up with their shenanigans while you work or enjoy your free time. They grow up fast, so try not to make the passing of time feel faster than it already is.

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